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Written by: Kapow

Cops in Oklahoma City are looking for a 43-year-old woman who they say met a 14-year-old boy in PlayStation Home and ... yep, you can see where this is headed.

Authorities say the woman, Annamay Alexander of Deltona, Fla. (It's always Florida ...) met this boy via Home and sent him some terms-of-use violating messages, such as a picture of her in her underwear. In early January she drove up to Oklahoma City to seduce him.

An affidavit says Alexander later met the boy's mother under the ruse of talking about the boy's desire to marry her daughter. This flipped out the mom, as you can well imagine (she wasn't told the daughter was 9, either). She told Alexander GTFO and never speak to her son again. Alexander didn't follow the instructions. Mom later intercepted two phone calls from Alexander, then found sexy texts on his cell and PlayStation, plus the aforementioned picture.

Alexander, who is a married mother of three, referred to herself as the boy's wife and left subtle messages such as: "My body is yours to do whatever you want with," and "I love you and we are going to get married." The victim then confessed to having a sexual relationship with her and is said to be suicidal now. Alexander is looking at stalking and statutory rape charges but is still at large.

This is a harrowing story for any parent; it's creepy and gross to me, and not just because this obviously unhinged woman looks like Dennis Quaid in a wig. But if Home is to blame then so is the phone company.
Remember, it's not just the females who are getting abused in Home.

Story via Kotaku


  1. WOW, this is scary, and it kinda makes me think ALOT about a certain user some or alot of us have been in contact with and I have just gotta say that there are alot of crazy people in Home. God love em, i know i do, normal people are borring, but u just gotta be careful. Cause these people are literaly on their ps3s all the time cause they either compeltly fail at social interaction in the real world or have some kinda disability that prevents them from functioning properly in societies norms. And sometimes these disabilities aren't fun . .. for others.

    I just see alot of people who are just looking for Love. Hell . .. thats the whole world, but it gets messy with a whole lot of people wanting love and trying to make love or force love through Home.

    And this boy gets on his ps3 and goes on Home or whatever and he naturaly wants to be loved to. And when someone gives him attention, it makes him feel special, and wanted. And then when the person tells him they love him, and want to marry him, he is only 14, and at that age you are more than willing to accept any love that comes your way. And then this woman comes over and u feel special for a(fucking ugly) WOMAN being into you, and then she fucks the hell out of your small virgin ass and your body is now shacking and is telling you its love cause no one else has made you feel that, and it was wonderful, and you want that feeling with that person again forever cause thats how its meant to be and then the police come and arrect your love and interigate you and go through all your shit and your ps3 is probably taken away and put in the attic, and now u have no outlet and you just lost the love of your life, and ontop of that you are told that what you were feeling wasnt love but some random crazy fucker mistake. How do u take all that in without killing yourself in the end? He is at the top of my pray list. Please pray for him.

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