Completely Fucked Up

Written by: Kapow

Couldn't think of a better title, but I think it fits nicely. I've had this glitch happen to me when previewing clothes on the Mui Mui ship, but I had no idea it was happening outside of the previews. So, is this the worst wardrobe glitch now? Looks pretty damn close.
But it's ok, according to some people, as long as they're pumping out purchasable items, everything will be fine. It's not Sony's job to make sure this shit works anyways and they reserve the right to tell you to fuck off when you go asking for refunds, right Mr.777? It's not their job to make sure that things function properly within their own application, right?


  1. WTF is that? and this does sound like a certain debate we had last thursday about quality, and money, and the Beta tag. If this was treated like a beta, this would be a cool thing to report, but instead it just sucks to be you cause it seems glitches like these arent important anymore. Which makes u want them to either get rid of this beta tag already, or actualy treat this like a beta.

    But yes, at the debate, certain opinions were expressed along the lines that this is a third party developers fault, not sony's and such other opinions along those lines that give sony a nice cushion when it comes to blame, but lets try and get these people to understand through nice conversation (or attempt it) instead of in a sarcastic or derogatory way. Cause this will surely turn them off to anything you have to say the minute they feel insulted or attacked. And then they will never learn or be open to the truth.

  2. 3rd party has been the best provider of Home spaces. Seems to me that Sony should totally outsource dev (and management) of Home.

  3. Hi crunk I only post anonymous so that you can complain about anonymous posting. You're welcome.

  4. I agree with Crunk, this could be something pretty cool to report...but management are sitting on their asses all day doing nothing.