Conrad_Max - HCV Staff Bio

What do you get when you take one bored, unpopular member of the United States Navy, put him in a virtual world, and then give him a sense of superiority? Then add a collar around his neck and tags showing he's a pet of the Home staff? You get Conrad_Max!

Conrad_Max, or as he's known in the Navy "Oh no, not that guy," Is home's Unofficial Asskisser Pope. When not swabbing the poop deck, rear admiral Conrad loves to troll on the Home Forums, usually adding nothing to a conversation and giving the worst advice possible. If you don't need, request, or want advice, you can be pretty sure Conrad_Max will stop by to give it. Such as:

We already have about four or more threads on this topic and you thought to add your own to the forum? I'm sorry, but you could have posted this in one of the other very active threads.
Well thanks Popeye. I'm sure the author of that thread couldn't have gotten by without your incredible self-appointed leadership.

[removed] wrote:
....and very long loading time.

What is the point of this? Are you trying to discourage someone from joining us in Home? The man asked whether he should go on Home. How does this answer help him or the community?

Because it's an authentic problem. Asking someone to hush up about a problem only proves further that you're nothing more then a fanboy, and a spineless brown-noser who encourages criticism not be said aloud.

How many of the posters here are out of work? The U.S. Army is currently hiring. Have you got what it takes to support and defend your country?

Worst. Troll. Ever. Just because you were stupid & poor enough to join the military, doesn't mean the rest of us should feel any need. You recruitment happy assclown.

All testing and demonstrations are done on a closed server of which maybe only a couple hundred people have access to. Thus when we get an update, though it did work perfectly on the closed server, it may have issues once it goes live due to the stress of a few million people on the live servers at the same time. Most of these issues will be resolved and some may not.

For me, it's a small price we pay due to the current technology. With that being said, any issues I have ever encountered have been resolved due to the Developers, the Maintenance Technicians and people in the Home community. Currently, minus lag issues, everything works perfectly for me.

What was that I called you earlier... oh yeah: "a spineless brown-noser who encourages criticism not be said aloud." Any issues have been resolved? That is the biggest load of crap ever said on Home. Anyone with 2 minutes and a brain can check the support forums and see there are issues dating back half a year that remain unaddressed.

[removed] wrote:

And the slightest thing you say to someone's viral girlfriend will get you banned for an easy 7 days. TRUST ME

Are you trying to get yourself suspended or banned from the forum too?

Uh oh, was someone saying something bad about Home? Better make vague suggestions that they will get banned for it, we can't have folks bad-mouthing home!

[removed] wrote:
Why not just create a male avatar untill the problem dies down?

Though it might shrink as more people become aware of the consequenses of being reported, the problem will still continue as more people join the community. Changing an avatar's sex (hiding) will not do anything to help the community, but it may only relieve an individual's problem.

Translation: Shut up and take the sexual harassment. Don't like it? Use the broken report function. If the report function is in a good mood it only takes 20-120 seconds for each report, and nothing happens to the offender in the meantime. Kudos Dumbass_max.

If I get an inappropriate message (mail) from someone, I "protect" it and report them immediately. From their profile, a few of these people seem to have been hardcore gamers with many trophies. However, soon after they have been reported, they no longer earn trophies, even over a year later.

Omg, superhero powers!

[removed] wrote:
So why hasn't Sony done something about it?????

They have. It is up to us be proactive and use the tools that they have given us to report inappropriate language and behavior. They do suspend and banish people.

The non-functioning tools?

The nightly game launching events have actually been successful. Many people are not aware that they have this option available to them and this event introduces them to it. This event is a way to promote game launching from within Home and to promote some very interesting games.

Having the event at Listen @ Home is a good idea for two reason. One: Central Plaza is where many people (new and old) hang out or pass through. Two: The instructions on how to contact a host and the name of the featured game are there.

All of the hosts for these nightly events are picked by Home's Managers as volunteers. They are giving their own time in order to support game launching, the community and Home. As volunteers, they are not forced to perticipate if they are unable. And if last minute real life matters occure, they may be forced to withdraw for the evening.

Remember, the Volunteer Hosts are doing this service for you/us.

Oh, how kind. Sony was nice enough to start a program for game launching using the free labor of it's users. And success? Lol. I have RARELY seen people stay on those for more then a few minutes. The game launching is 100% a huge whopper of a failure. But you wouldn't admit that you chickenshit yesman.

Sometimes I think I am in the wrong world because I do not have issues like many people seem to have.

Everything I have bought or won works as advertised. From my spaces and clothing to my items. To be sure, I have had problems before, but they were usually taken care of within a few hours or days. Sometimes help was provided by the Home staff, and other times by members of this community.

For that I thank the Home Team and the people who populate the forums and Home.

Do your lips get sore from kissing ass this much? Your posts are PAINFUL to read.
As I stated before, I do not use the Block or Ignore feature. When someone steps between me and someone else, I politely and respectfully ask them to step aside. If they don't, then I inform them that I will report them for disruption. More often than not, they do leave. The small number that don't leave get reported.
Lemme state this, and this can easily be researched. YOU CANNOT BE REPORTED FOR "STANDING BETWEEN" people. No one has the right to tell you where you can and cannot be.

But perhaps I'm being unfair. I am only pointing out what a yellowbelly stooge he is. Perhaps since he has such great advice ALL THE TIME IF YOU WANT IT OR NOT, the support forums should be packed with helpful gems.
Some people are not having problems and some are. That's just the way it is at this time.
Brilliant. Next is a message posted in the main support forum. Why? Because nothing ever gets answered in the Home support forums. It was moved to the Home support, but not before Conrad dropped another set of lips on the HCM's anal glands:
Well, maybe you can be the first to post the problem and someone there will have the solution. Also, that forum is for a problem like yours. This forum isn't. The experts show up there. Thus, the title PlayStation®Home Support.
"The experts show up there." That's a riot. Would be funnier if it wasn't so completely false. Check the count up widget on the right of this blog to see how long it's been since any Home staff even POSTED in the support forums. What's also amusing about Conrad's "tech support" is he keeps pasting the sony tech support info over and over and over and over again. Anyone who's been on the phone with those folks knows two things:
  1. You won't receive any help
  2. You'll be told to post on the Home Support Forums
But enough copy and pasting forum replies. The true testament to his undying love for Home (staff) can be found in his selective kudos page:

131 Kudos

Admin Assistant
103 Kudos

68 Kudos

Home Manager
75 Kudos

Admin Assistant
67 Kudos

53 Kudos

Home Manager
46 Kudos

Home Manager
29 Kudos

But what types of things does he give kudos for? Well, he seems to have a hard on for moderator locks:

My 711 code diesnt work!!!

When are we getting our stuff from furniture bundel
Why Doesn't PS Board Have A Last Page Option?

My 711 code diesnt work!!!

Bottom line, Conrad_Max is the worst of the worst when it comes to obvious buttkissing. He is also a HCV, so if you see him out there, make sure to ask lots and lots of questions. Make him work for that ugly shirt. And Conrad, before you go bawwing, ask yourself this: WHY CAN YOU NOT STOP GIVING AWFUL AND BIASED ADVICE. You are terrible at it.

*Disclaimer: For those who whine and cry about personal attacks, etc, stfu. We will continue to do whatever the hell we please, whenever the hell we want. We choose to attack people based on the issues that they create, or the issues they help maintain. The HCV is one of the worst ideas Home has to offer, and anyone who works to give Home a reputation of a functioning program, we will work to give the opposite opinion.


  1. +1, Personally the guy annoys and trolls way to much. Sarcasm+Kudo'ing any mod is just him. Days like these make me feel proud im not part of the PS Board

  2. Textbook case of trying too hard. Makes me wonder if he's looking for street cred on the forums, from Sony? Maybe he mailed an application and was turned down, and now he's gone rogue? Vigilante mod much?

  3. The only thing worse than mini-modding is some troll doing ...erm mini-PR'ing?

  4. A friend of mine has already commented on his incredibly insensitive and inappropriate comments about the handicapped on this website.

    Personally, I began to really dislike Conrad when I spent time writing a thread about what appears to be a new permanent suspension policy by the Home moderation team called "3 strikes and you're out?"

    Not only does he hijack the thread, but he has the gall to call my comments and reasoning "sad." I think it's pathetic when I take time, sit down and write something that is important to the Home community only to see it trashed on by a "mini-mod."

    Personally, if someone wants to be a kiss-ass, that is their perogative. But Conrad pushes it to the point of being totally offensive. He reminds me of people I know who are not too bright but who think they're smart, and like to pontificate their half baked opinions without thinking them through.

    This is why I called him the Pope Of Home, or the Vicar of Sony on Home. Plus is obsessive kudoing of the staff gets annoying too, especially when the moderators derail my attempts at trying to bring life and humor back to the forums.

    I see Conrad as representing the worst of the HCV and I agree with the blogpost above: the HCV is the worst idea Home has to offer.

  5. Honestly, if any goal Home-Watch were to set, is to show the community the "true" side of what HCV's and people like Conrad do to others. It could possible aid the community to revolt and dismantle the whole program. But I do not think "all" the HCV's are bad. Out of the whole list I prefer 1 or 2 that do there job and just be a normal gamer. But really, get this fucking guy out of the program already

  6. hello sailor, hahaha.
    where's Anonoman, i need a good Navy joke.

  7. Best. Article. Ever. I effing DESPISE Conrad, so I was looking forward to this ever since the Jim bashing article.

    Funny thing is, he got all elitist with me back when the Viking/Valkyrie helms were announced. TL;DR version was....

    Me: "Appear in the mall huh? I doubt that."
    Conrad: "Psychic?"
    Me: "More like using past indicators."
    Conrad: "Which mean nothing."

    And yet, the helms are still not in the mall. Thankfully I got a code in the handouts for them, but still, it proves Conrad's elitist douchbaggery.

  8. @J-T-W-NS:
    I can recall where you use to hang with a certain group that loved using the report function *cough*4-Respect* that was just that as brought up in this posting.

    I can mention another thing but I'll just be wasting my breathe. As for Conrad, his postings are well-put but I agree with this. Definite brown-noser.

    There's quite a few ass-kissers on the forums. One of them they made a Hilarious image for!

  9. @ThatKindOfGuy...

    Since you brought up 4-Respect I should talk a bit about that club. Respect was begun by NelsonAK to break away from those in Omega who were region hopping and who were banned in July. I was recruited because of my anti-region hopping stance.

    After the break from Omega, there was no clarity for the club's purpose. Yes, some wanted Respect to be sort of a vigilante police force who would gang report users (i.e. those who were still region hopping).

    I was subleader for GW(3). I emphasized that we were not to do that, since we had no authority to do so. And besides that wasn't what Home needed. I advocated that Respect, or at least my subgroup, should be more about organizing ourselves to express to management what we'd like to see Home become and to discuss important issues. In other words, the Respect that I was a part of was more like Home Open Debates, not a bunch of semi-fascist stormtroopers.

    What else do you have on your mind? I'm an adult. I can take it...

  10. LMAO! Just spent the last half hour reading some of these blogs and I gotta tell ya...This is some of THE BEST shit I have read regarding Home bar none!

    Nice to see more people speakin the truth about this clusterfuck of an application, "management" team, and gang of groupies! Rock on!

  11. Actually, some of the stuff he posted is considered SPAM.. I got a 4 day ban, for posting in a useless thread... and all I said was.. "In before the lock." That post now cost me a PERM ban, because Lithium, is a total NOOB company with nothing more then RUDE reps, who don't know their ass from a hole in the ground.

  12. Love it, love it, love it

  13. Wow, it took you guys this damn long to realize what an epic douchebag Conrad_Max is? Sorry, but obvious troll is obvious, HERE'S YOUR CLUE.

    If you really want to piss off Conrad, say "Bookend is my hero". He was given moderator priviledges on the SOE game Everquest Online, something that MMOs should never consider giving to paying users of a community, and proceeded to use those moderator priviledges to antagonize users both in the game and on its forums. Apparently, Sony never learned its lesson, so now you get to see it today.

    I think your article also failed to mention that he is a downright psychotic overzealous abuser of the reporting functions within Home. In fact, he gets a lot of joy out of reporting users who don't "respect his authoritah". Be warned, he's a borderline psychotic, if you ever put any stake in him you should have known better.

  14. Conrad_AssMax is the ultimate in kiss ass losers. And this guy is an HCV? I cant imagine him helping anyone but himself.