Extremely Unlikely

This amused me, since one of our followers posted it so nicely. Remember back on the Playstation Blog when Jack Buser stated:

Rest assured that we hear your requests loud and clear (I personally use Home and read the forums daily)
Well someone linked me to his forum account, and it states:
Date Last Visited: 10-30-2009 11:03 PM


  1. For some reason, I can't access electrobrain's posting history on the forum, even though his profile says he made five posts. Has anyone ever read these posts?

  2. That's b/c you don't have the access to read those posts.

  3. I guess that means he made them in the private forum.

  4. hey look at this:


    Jack's website

  5. "Hi guys,

    I can promise you that Jacl DOES visit the forums daily becasue he sends my team links to some of your forum posts he wants to discuss on a regular basis. He is likely either not logged in or using a different account.

    You will see discussions starting here very soon, we are still in the process of figuring out exactly what we're allowed to discuss with you because we know you're going to have lots of questions and we want to be ready!

    Rest assured, we are eager to start these discussions with you. Stay tuned!


  6. Wow, reading CydoniaX's comments you wouldn't realize she works for Jack. "He is likely" and "figuring out what we're allowed to discuss"... Perhaps communication between Jack and Cyd is worse than between HCMs and community, if that is even possible.

  7. How unlikley is it now? lol.

  8. well Jack showed up and posted in that thread. hope they keep it up. keep talkin to us i mean. 'manage the community'

  9. Mua ha ha!!!
    Check out CrammitGirl's LOCKED thread:

  10. Bwahaha... that is awes0me. That g0es t0 sh0w what a H0met00l Camr0n"Girl" really is.

  11. ha. look how on my dick this 'girl' is. pathetic lol. Nos you missed it, i bashed the hell out of her in the xat chat. good times.

    but on a serious note, it's people like That that are ruining Home. The fucking Director, who never posted in the forums before, and one of the Managers that Rarely posts on the forums, decide to make a few posts. That's terrific, finally we're getting somewhere. but this fuckin bitch has to turn it into the Camron show just because she has beef with me. she's totally oblivious. god damn. these are the people we're trying to get rid of, They are the problem in Home.

  12. Agreed.
    Have been following Crammit's posts on the forums and actions in Home VERY closely for quite some time.
    Am appalled at the way she uses people and chucks them aside under the guise of a "home helper", then apologizes with bad spelling and grammar.
    Absolutely nothing she does is for the good of Home or it's users. Like you say, it's all about Camron.
    Even her pathetic attempts at pretending to care are transparent. Cannot believe that ANYONE takes her at her word after all the crap she's pulled.
    She has used many - Jim777, Lochwoods, LilBlueEyes, N1's, Reapers, the list goes on. She attempted to use Homelings as well, but we were wise to her before we knew her.
    So, we allowed her to believe she was fooling us in order to conduct our experiments in our persuit for the truth. Unfortunately, there is no way to prove anything. Gave her the opportunity to prove herself last Sunday. She would not. After all she said about Nos being her best friend in Home. Bull. Even told her that if she showed SOME evidence besides a song and dance that Nos would go to bat for her 100%, she would not. That spoke volumes in itself. No need to go any further in the persuit of the truth where that being is concerned.
    The only thing left to do now is to save the community from her twisted grasp.

  13. agreed 100%

    she's destroying herself now.

  14. CamronGirl resigns from Home Talk Show.