Gesture of Good Will

Written by: Kapow

As some of you may know, select items contained within the Venetian Mask Bundle have not been appearing in inventories after purchase. We apologize deeply for this error. As a gesture of good will (and a means to making sure everyone that purchased this bundle receives these items), we will be making this bundle free to the entire communitystarting at 12:00am PT on Saturday, February 13th and ending at 12:00am PT on Monday, February 15th.

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There you have it folks, once again Another bundle has not delivered all items. So "as a gesture of good will," the Venetian Mask Bundle will be Free to Everyone starting tonight at 12am PST (2am CST, 3am EST) and ending on Monday, February 15th.


  1. Now hold on just a minute...

    exactly how does this gesture of good will compensate those who are now out-of-pocket?
    OH YEAH! That's it... they may now get the items for free!!

    *scratches head*

    Hmm... will this even work for them, or result in an error? And even if it DOES work, they are still out the bundle bucks...

    Sounds like a pretty sweet deal :)

  2. OOPS! Apologies... am a scatterbrain...
    They are not actually out-of-pocket for that bundle... they are just out-of-pocket due to the fact that everyone else gets it free of charge.


  3. Venetian mask bundle for free,,, that works for me.

  4. actually it was just a couple of seperate masks that were free, 2 male 1 female. no bundle

  5. yea i saw that today when i went to go download em

  6. SONY pwnd L_S , he said the WHOLE bundle would be free. He even tried to quote a guy and then smack him down with something to the effect of "if i say the whole bundle is going to be free , thats what i mean" in the forums. He isnt even the man around there. Who is the MAN around there?


  7. yea i noticed that too. maybe he just worded it wrong. like, since the Venetian masks weren't showing up, those were the only items that were made Free. they don't wanna lose to much money haha.

  8. but the HCMs ALWAYS word it wrong. if being misleading were an olympic event they could represent thier countries at it.

  9. I think in the end the HCM should go back to school and get their grammar/spelling/sentence structures/hooked-on-phonic and try to convey what they say properly across forum audience. After all, aren't they in the real world of commerce, not in some kind Mickey Mouse scheme to make us go "hmmm..." about HOME?...