HVC Communicates With Home Watch

Over the last few days in another blog post, HCV's have been dropping by and sharing their thoughts. I have also had one HCV chatting with me via email. However they requested we don't post the emails. I'd like to publicly thank the HCV for coming forward on the Conrad_Max issue.

As one of the HCVs I can tell you that Conrad only made it into the program because of his constant ass kissing. He does not bring anything else to the table. Most of us in the program try to keep a pretty low profile in the forum, unlike Conrad. Some of are petitioning to have him removed because he flaunts his position and is less than helpful to users in Home.

Please understand that most of the HCV team is very helpful in Home and do not act like jackasses such as Conrad_Max.
As yet another anonymous HCV I'm going to tell you that Conrad is the product of the military. He goes on big reporting sprees on Home, encourages it all throughout the forums, he even posts his satisfaction of doing these things in the private forum. He's also a mod in SOE's Everquest Online under the name Bookend who screwed up that community with his dictator ways. He logs more hours than the rest of us online in the HCV program, but what good is logging a bunch of hours if all you're going to do in that time is self-promote and report the crap out of people mercilessly? On one occassion he divulged NDA details us staying on around round to another community user who decided to post it publicly on the forums. Want to know what the bastard did? He made a post in the private forums telling us all a reminder to not break the NDA. What a hypocrite, he's the stain of the HCV program. I wish they'd kick him out and get someone with some class but they're not going to. Unfortunately all of the sheeple on the public forums think he's God's gift to man or something, he's a joke and an obvious troll.
HCV #3 stopping by.

Personally, I'm just embarrassed that he's an HCV. It's so frustrating when you're trying to do a good job both on Home and on the forums, and he just comes in and fucks everything up. Is he ever going to realize what he's doing? Doubtful. He really is single-handedly blackening the name of HCV, and widening the gap between HCVs and the Home Community.

I'd love it if he were to be removed from the HCVs; maybe then (and after we've gotten rid of a few other ass-kissers) HCVs won't be seen with such disdain.
I was curious about his role as this "Bookend" character in another game. Luckily someone also posted multiple URLS:

My personal favorite is the ones where he posts as Cmax, people criticize him, and he edits it out as Bookend. Classic ragebaby.


  1. Even anonymouse, at least there is some honesty that they don't like him. If Sony could ever acknowledge that Home isn't working to our standards, heck I'd be proud to know they are actually willing to suck it up and do something about it rather than hiding behind anything they can find. and yes we all know Conrad is a faggot beyond any measure, most likely he will post on the "Private" forum that we should take down Home-Watch! Again the guy pretty much fucked himself when he joined HCV's

  2. You're welcome (just call me #2 from now on). Thank you for taking the time to back up what I said with some research. When some of us complained before about Conrad, Sony followed up with 360 interviews to the whole group, but they never did anything about him. A few of us tried to get the group unified and make the best of things, but everyone else took everything he said as gospel when he would bash any attempts to organize and make a good presence in Home and on the forums. In fact, the one time that we did organize he sabotaged it by making demoralizing jokes in public in front of users which made us all look bad, and users responded on the forums, it was a mess.

    For all of the bashing that you guys do on us, I hope you can now understand that we're not all enemies, some of us really tried. I hope this lesson is learned by future HCVs. Most of the rest of us aren't as keen on self-promoting ourselves on the forums as he is, so the only thing that we could do is continue to try and do our best out there despite him.

  3. Sorry gang, Conrad stays. He's my go-to guy for ass-to-mouth so he stays.

    -Jack Buser

  4. hey I'm gay & i don't like you guys calling him a fag because it implies i have something in common w/ that piece of shit

  5. Ahh, feel the warmth.

  6. @ Anon 7:36

    Ha! that's officially my favorite comment on this site for now, lol.

  7. Its a runner up, me and ona LOL'd for like a good 15 minutes at that one.

    But I was actualy on the floor laughing when i read the comment about a user having a vaginal yeast infection over something jim did, now that takes the cake, it was classic.

    lots of good comemnts today

  8. HCV#3 @ Anon 7:36

    You, sir or madam, are my hero.

  9. x-[LegionofShadows]-xFebruary 24, 2010 at 1:15 AM

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  10. Do you guys want to see something hilarious?

    Most people around know that electrobrain = Jack Buser now. Look at his last login on his account of 10/31/09... Yeah, you read the forums every day Jack.................