Idolmaster Event – Japan Home

I saw this topic earlier today, and suddenly it was deleted. The author has reposted it thankfully, and I'll copy it here in an effort to keep Home staff from silencing anyone.

I am reposting this thread with information about the IDOLMASTER event currently taking place in Japan Home with the permission of the forum administrator.

For those interested, the IdolMaster event is currently underway in Japan Home. The event is combination of both a live animated performance and a video presentation. With the conclusion of the event for which there are 3 different performances, the users are awarded different color glow sticks: White, blue and pink.

The event is hosted at the presentation space which is accessed by visiting a vending machine in Japan Home's Central Plaza. Selecting the vending machine and pressing X will wisk you away to the presentation space.

I must admit that Japan events are really well planned and executed in my view. It would be nice if we could get something similar to this here in North American Home. Other fun events are also currently underway in the EU with the Heavy Rain event exclusive to that region at the moment, as well as the Prinny event which is taking place in Hong Kong (Asia).

A Youtube video of the event can be found at the following link:

Some images of the event are included below as well.

Pictures of the glowsticks are here from


Red Cyalume · For Use By Men Red Cyalume · For Use By Women


White Cyalume · For Use By Men White Cyalume · For Use By Women


Blue Cyalume · For Use By Men Blue Cyalume · For Use By Women