Jesus Grape-Flavored Christ Lithium sucks!

As most people, I was super disappointed with the amateur effort of Lithium. So I wanted to check the forums to see what others thought, and what issues are going on.

I don't even know where to begin.

It maybe true that whoever worked on this "update" put a lot of time and effort into it, but please forgive me if I find that hard to believe, or that I think it was not nearly enough of an effort. I really don't even need to explain myself, it is self-evident to almost everyone. Why wasn't this "update" beta tested or at least tested by some QA department, I don't even understand how it got passed by the development team that worked on it.

Now, onto a bigger question, was this drastic overhaul necessary? Was it even ever asked for? Because I have not seen any benefit that is significant enough to have constituted a change of this size. In fact, glitches and loading times aside, what has been added that improves my experience? Is the forum easier to navigate? Is everything more organized? Do all these visual changes help me recognize and read things better? Does this now colorless forum have more substance and character, does it make my eyes and I more comfortable to be here? Do I have more options to customize/personalize, or at least the same amount of options that I had before? Are there added features that help me do more of what I want to do, and then some? For me, and many others, I think the answer is no.

Please, bring back the old forums and work on improving them by adding/changing things that WE want, not what you THINK we want. I think that we are all open to change, as long as it is change for the better.

It's so completely messed up that I have to use IE 8 ( I hate IE) to view the forums the way it's "supposed" to look. It's just broken all around.

The CSS isn't working and it shows everything in plain links with a white background.

Everytime I try and reply to a post i just get the "retry" "retry" over and over again

OK So I keep clicking the announcements and getting directed to post your opinion here no wait here so **bleep** that i can't even reply to any of those so I'm doing it here. This "update" sucks from what I see of it so far. The theme is awful and I think I read that it can't be changed? Why? How is that considered an upgrade? Also why do you kill off other features and still call it any kind of update? Should have left it how it was. Was just fine but now it's just a strain on the eyes. It is also unresponsive and slow at loading. And now I can't even seem to go to my messages

My god, not only could Hellen Keller tell you these forums look horrible, but now I am waiting 5 minutes everytime I click on something. Not to mention my top of the page wont even load.

The new forums are completely screwed up. For one thing I couldn't sign in. The normal sign it link kept timing out. The sign in link in the forums wasn't a link (I couldn't click on it). I finally managed to log in, by looking at the source code and finding the sign-in link. I couldn't use https since that's broken, only http worked.

Let me start out by saying I'd make paragraphs like I used to but I can't view the preview to prove it still converts code automatically so you'll have to read a wall of text instead. Now I can travel here and enjoy the new look and browse through the different boards, but when I select any thread the text doesn't appear. All I see is a big white box that says who posted it, when, and that I can even report them if I want to. Oddly enough it appears that I can reply and start new threads (I haven't actually hit post yet so I might actually just be talking to myself) but I have no idea what I'm replying about except for what is written in the title. All I can say is change can be good but shouldn't the Playstation 3 be able to utilise I hope someone can bring this to the attention of whomever can fix this. I won't even be able to see if anyone replies to this until I can get to a computer on Tuesday. I'll try to get to one sooner to be sure my complaint actually posted.

when im on a post and i want to go to the next page, say page 2, the next button or just clicking "2" doesnt work. anybody else have this problem? im using chrome..

these new forums are really frustrating..the white background burns my eyes and now please change it back


  1. Man, talk about a bad day for Sony. First this forum update and all the negative reaction to it (lots and lots of bugs, I really love how they killed iPhone support with the extremely useful "Flash Required" page on authentication now... let me tell ya...), the slowness of the forum site, and then the big 8001050F error. Has anyone possibly seen a worst day in Playstation history? I was thinking about disassembling my unit since it's way past warranty and resetting the CMOS clock, but I guess I'll give it a night and see if they actually release a fix tomorrow. They haven't updated Twitter in like 4 hours so I'm off to bed. Yay...

  2. lmao, well thats what you get Sony for trusting the lowest Moderation team thats ever been created to touch your million dollar program. Look what happens to it XD

  3. Well its a good day for Microsoft and Nintendo. Let's keep it positive. :)

    As for the forums, this cluster-fuck of an update from Lithium is awesome. It will drive more people to outside boards such as this one. Home-Watch, expect more traffic after this Lithium abortion. Maybe site traffic will pick up enough to pay HW a little ad rev for the trouble.

    Note to Sony employee(s) responsible for signing off on the forum changes: I don't know if you've noticed the recession out there but this is a bad time to be doing such a bad job. I hope Sony wasn't your day job.

  4. Am unable to even sign in to the forums.
    Subscribed to a fricken 8001050F thread on the boards yesterday to see where it went. Big mistake. Now the email notifications keep piling up and am not able to stop them.
    Good thing it's Monday and have to work today... how sad of a statement is THAT?

  5. AHA!!!
    "Success! Subscription removed"

  6. Hey, guess what. Theres no more "Moved: [topic name]" notices on the forum anymore. I've been having issues with the make.believe camera thing, and I made a topic. No notice or anything, it moved from the general forum to the graveyard.

    On a twisted upside, the pope's gonna go nuts without the "Moved" notices to spam kudos on :P