Lockdown -- Updated

Written by: Kapow

Well I noticed there wasn't a February Suggestions Thread in the Sony forums, so I thought I would take it upon myself to post it. Less than 5 minutes after it was posted it got locked. I proceeded to PM Avara. I informed her that I just created a thread, gave her a link to it, and asked why it had been deleted. That was over an hour ago. She was online when I first sent it, and she is online right now. I have yet to get a response from her. So what, is there a fucking rule that says we, the average joe, can't post a suggestion thread? Is there a rule that says only Sony and forum staff can post those types of threads? This was an unjust lock. It was wrong of them to lock it. Did it make GlassWalls look bad that I had posted the February Suggestion thread before he did? Who gives a fuck who posts it so long as it gets posted. The earlier into a month these threads are posted, the better. But i guess that makes to much sense.

Here's a link to view the thread.

[Update] Got a PM from Cobra1:

"You're not an HCM, fuck you."

I replied to her/his PM but have yet to receive a response.


  1. Well there isnt a rule stateing that lol and you have every right to im guessing so maybe it was locked because Glass Is the only person who can post it or something idk

  2. i can imagine them saying something along the lines of " it's not the official thread cause a HCM Posting It Makes It Official ! and that's just as stupid as well !

    HCM's are so crooket and whiney ( Talking about a Cydonia Thread about how people shouldn't be listening to * Ted The Dog * and what's coming to EU home and for people to stop bringing the news too our forums, the way she posted screamed .. Listen too me i wanna be more popular then Ted The Dog I WANT ATTENTION )

    Glasswalls i admit is the better of the 3 i lost respect to Hoaxus Star And CRYdonia_X a long time ago.

  3. I dislike GlassWalls the most out of the three because he has his circle of friends you always seem him hanging out with that are not the HCVs.

    He was like this as a mod, and is still like this as a manager.

  4. You're right Anonymous 8:51. GlassWalls hangs out with crooks, thieves and glitchers like Sophronia (aka Elite_Shadow_QR).

  5. I don't see the point of anyone continuing to make these threads. Regular member or staff, the majority of suggestions get ignored or distorted beyond recognition.

    IMO, it's just a deception thread. There's enough of that as it is in Home.

  6. Actually, read TOS and forum rules.. Because lithium is totally a waste of forum mods, who no nothing. Personally IMO these forums should be run by Sony, not some idiotic 3rd party shit who doesn't know their ass from a hole in the ground. But that could probably be posted as spam.