Lucasarts Store shuns the girls

According to this topic:

Yeah ok. Stormtrooper armor with curves. Fine. But that's it?
Nothing else? The guys get Indiana Jones ensemble, Stormtrooper armor AND Imperial Officer Uniform? C'mon, I thought we were over this.
No Leia Slave Girl? No Imperial Officer Uni for ladies? How about an x-wing pilot for ladies? Endor Rebel soldier? Hot communications officer? No, guess not.
Okay then, maybe Marion Ravenwood in that slinky number from Raiders of the Lost Ark? Anyone? Beuller??
Guess I'll have to settle for some Mon Mothma pajamas or "Admiral Akbar (F)" or something like that. Yay. Can't wait to not buy that.
Look, overall I like the direction the mall is going. However, you guys need to make these things a hit with both men and women. Sure, bring up the argument that "most users in Home are men" or "most star wars fans are males". But I thought those that be would have learned, by now, what the impact of shunning females in Home is. And by the sheer volume of awesome clothes the ladies have been getting lately, I had thought Sony/Home/Devs/Management had finally gotten the clue.
Too bad Lucas Arts didn't. For now, I will not be spending money in that store.
As per usual Home shortchanges on women. Don't worry ladies, Threads has new shoes.


  1. And anyone is actually surprised?

  2. Nope, infact I won a bet with someone about this update tbh.

  3. To be fair, stormtroopers are all clones of Django Fett- a man.


    I'm not that surprised, but...they have their own commerce point in the mall, so I'm hoping there will be more stuff to buy in the future. Hopefully more than just shoes.

  4. <3 LOVES tears of ash!

    haha. no but seriously. im one of the biggest female starwars fanatics i know. and this update Seriously ticks me off. as ToA said, there were NO female Stormtroopers in StarWars...they were CLONES! >.< for heavens sake. come on.

    its more insulting adding tits to a stormtrooper than anything else IMO.

    there were HUNDREDS of female characters in StarWars they couldve chosen from. . .princess leia slave costume from return of the jedi anyone?! come sexy home costume right there!



    Yet Home gets it completly mixxed up and puts Female stormtroopers in the mall and no female imperial officers.

  6. lol. who cares!! crunkerz, sounds like the fat comic book guy from the simpsons.

  7. whoooo the hell wants to wear star wars crap anyways..i know plenty of guys who r into star wars but thats if they made the costumes, they get all of 5 girls buying the clothes....woohoooo...and i have bought tons of home clothes and i dont really care if they have his and hers of everything they make...