My Life in Home

Everyone remember this video?:

Well i just found this 'magazine'
along with an interesting article, written by an interesting man. Well..more like semi-interesting boy. Any who, the person who wrote it goes by the name Elite_Shadow_FEC. Now, if you'll notice, in the video people greet the guy recording, "Hey FEC." Also that is his youtube name. Now, I'm not saying that GlassWalls hangs out with 'pro' glitchers and bullshits with his buddies inside of boulders. No, I'm not saying that, but the youtube video is pretty convincing.
Hit the link above this to read some of the articles and make opinions about all of this.

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  1. Haha!! Homestyle Magazine! :)
    Nos was there for the birth of that magazine. Watched it grow from a discussion on the Ning website "PlayStation Home Today" to the first issue. Have also viewed the issue linked, and will be in the 3rd issue due out soon.
    While a great deal of the magazine's content is of no interest to yours truly, the actual underlying politics which drive it are.
    Have respect for the creators and editors of the magazine, and personally believe that type of thing, and blogs such as Home-Watch are very important to the Home users who are actually interested in the politics, relationships, and user-generated events, clubs, and spin-offs of Home itself.