Over the last couple of weeks, there has been a few things happening. Good things for a change. I'd like to bring attention to them. First is this topic by Locust_Star:
I've discussed some of this with users via PM, but today this little nugget of good news came down for you all that are still waiting for certain items to be recovered:

"For users that have lost reward items, we are planning to have an extended maintenance in March to merge the lost rewards we have been able to recover with the current live database. Details will be announced at a later date."

You heard it right, you'll finally get some of those lost items!

Secondly, there was this post by... Locust_Star again:

As some of you may know, select items contained within the Venetian Mask Bundle have not been appearing in inventories after purchase. We apologize deeply for this error. As a gesture of good will (and a means to making sure everyone that purchased this bundle receives these items), we will be making this bundle free to the entire community starting at 12:00am PT on Saturday, February 13th and ending at 12:00am PT on Monday, February 15th.
A little late reporting this we're aware, but it goes to show you, people pissing and moaning is starting to get some action. Broken stuff isn't being tolerated anymore, and folks haven't just sucked it up. To the home community, minus the useless HCV, thank you. Your non-stop complaining got progress. We just hope you don't stop. And thanks to Locust_Star who has picked up the pace with the bugs and communication.


  1. Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't Locust first tell people to call in for a refund because items were missing but no one in customer service would allow it? Then he gives a 2 day window, if you were lucky enough to be using the forums to see it, to get the other items you paid for?

    That's some shitty customer service if you ask me. I know Locust doesn't make the rules over there so my middle finger is extended directly to Sony.

  2. I highly doubt they're gonna give us back our Resistance hoodies, the ones we actually had to put hard time in for. I had mine for four days before my console died and was out for 45. I come back and oopsies, it's gone.

    Fuckin' hilarious.

  3. @gman

    well you know what they say/hide behind, "It's a Beta." =\

  4. am i missing something here ? people bought a bundle where some of the stuff didnt appear so now to make up for that they are giving it away for free ?? to everyone ? not just those that paid ?