PS Home update, 2/18

Written by: Kapow

There seems to be a Lot of stuff coming in tomorrows update, of course, that's what I said last week too.
Anyways, here's a summary of what's to come in tomorrow's update:

  • LocoRoco Public Space/ Cruise boat thing.
  • MotorStorm Public Space (complete with an arcade game, "quests" and MotorStorm merch. this space looks to be the one everyone thought was going to be the big personal space with the stage and turntables and such. Nope, public space people.)

  • LocoRoco Personal Space (I'm assuming it's the one from Japan. Yes, you did hear us correctly on that one. Good job.)
  • "PlanetLand" Personal Space (yes, Planet...Land.)

  • Starting tomorrow, February 18th, you can watch each episode of The Tester every week until season 1 ends. (Which, I guess, implies there's going to be a season 2.) Also pick up some, The Tester, virtual item each week, found in the theater and Central Plaza. Oh, and you watch it in the mall..that's right, the mall.

  • Some new, but not really new, stores in the mall. Including: Lockwood Publishing, Loot, EA, (here's the new one) and Lucas Arts.
  • Remember those flying saucer alien things? well they're back. Along with some Android things. It appears to be similar to Hamsters vs Humans dance off.
  • And lastly, EA will be hosting an NHL 10 game launching event in the Central Plaza. The dummy accounts have Dev in the name so I will assume they will actually be some developers from the game.

No, but seriously, they named it Planet Land. Planet.Land. What?? What does that even mean, a land. . .filled with planets? Or space? Did they mean space? Like, that's what a Planet Land would be, fucking Space. Outer space. *SIGH*........make.believe..


Click for more details on tomorrows update.


  1. Dang, almost enough to make me give up this beta boycott. But no, will not spend a dime in Beta. Besides, spending fewer and fewer moments in Home. Its just not as cool anymore now that the dream is dead. Rest in peace Home, rest in peace.

  2. yea, i'm kinda diggin the Storm Trooper diggs, but i myself have decided to put my spare PSN money into digital comics. because they fucking kick ass.

  3. x-cultr will have all of those by morning

  4. @PygmyPerative...How can you say dream is dead, and that you spend less and less time on Home, yet your comments can be found on nearly post on this blog. For someone who cares less and less about Home, you sure go out of your way to always be the first post on every thread. Get over yourself, start using Home more (or else, LOL) and spend some money on Home, the revenue is what keeps the dream alive. Just my 2 cents, do with them as you please since i know you wont spend them on Home.


  5. neither will the Home Dev.s, apparently. Ha! Zing!

  6. HizzleD (aka CydoniaX)February 18, 2010 at 1:53 AM

    juicy rumor? cydoniax is also HizzleD?

    The myspace photo matches!

  7. Excerpt from a HizzleD blog: "I started going to gyms when I was 25…about 10 years ago. Yep, I’m old! I was very good about it for a long time. I worked in downtown SF and would go to Club One on my lunch breaks at least 3 times a week. I’ve never been a jock or a total gymbunny, but I did enough to keep myself reasonably toned. I developed some nice arm muscles and really liked feeling strong. Then I was laid off and a bunch of things happened in quick succession: I partied really hard for about 8 months, the money ran out and I could not find a job to save my life (hello job recession!), I became broker than broke, had to move, and then, just when things couldn’t get any worse, I got sick. MONO. For the second frigging time in my life.
    And so began a two-year downward spiral where I felt sick every damn day, was still a leper in the job market, did various soul-sucking contract jobs, had a mono relapse, and struggled everyday to stop the tail-spin my finances and health were in. Due to all of the above, I was also depressed most of the time. I could not work out, and ate lots and lots of comfort food (goddamn right, I needed comfort!) and slowly gained 15 lbs. I might as well have had "HI, DON’T DATE ME!!!" stamped on my forehead. For some reason, all this didn’t deter the uncomparable Glenny Kravitz from taking a chance on me, but then again, he didn’t really know how bad off I was until he was hooked and then it was too late. Bwahaha! Hi honey!
    After a long struggle and two years later, I finally found myself employed, stable, and healthy again. And I really wanted to do something about my body. Yes, some of this was vanity, because let’s be honest: I have always had a hot body. I am tall, with a small waist, reasonable T&A, arms that get muscled pretty easily, and long legs. Everything is well-proportioned. So what’s not to like? Before you start rolling your eyes, I could go ahead and list my flaws (bigger nose than I’d like, no jawline to speak of, big ol’ manhands), but women don’t compliment themselves nearly enough. Follow my narcissistic example, why don’t you, ladies?! Also, have I told you your ass looks good in those jeans? I would totally hit that! Anyway, my point is, suddenly I was quite unhappy with myself. When did I turn into this prematurely-aged, doughy blob with a gunt and bingo arms?!? I mean, what the fuck?!
    I started monkeying around at the gym again, but I was just SO FREAKING BORED by it! Even with a gym next door to my office, I wasn’t going often enough or working hard enough. Enter BOOTCAMP . Works perfectly for someone like me, who has more motivation than discipline. I WANT someone to order me around (nicely), and tell me what to do (encouragingly). When I started, I was quite horribly out of shape. Running even one lap had me hurting and winded. I was one of the slowest in the class, always having to stop to walk when we ran from place to place. I loathed running, but I loved bootcamp. I dropped 3 lbs my first week (probably water weight, but so what?), and felt fantastic. I had to eat more often, but made healthier food choices. I had less desire to drink alcohol, and the added energy gave me much more mental focus and clarity. The motivation carried into other parts of my life. I took up some freelance work and started working on some personal projects.
    And the changes in my body came pretty quickly. My arms are now fairly ripped. I still have a gut, but it’s getting smaller. I did not drop a ton of weight but I replaced fat with muscle. In general, I am more toned all over. And I started noticing something amazing in about week 3…running didn’t hurt so much anymore! I was gaining stamina. By my last week, I could run everywhere for as long as necessary, without feeling like I needed to stop. And even more shockingly…I (gasp!) ENJOYED it."

  8. wwoooww, if these are real, i officially love you, anon. haha

  9. omg its true
    Heidi Anspaugh here:

    4 entries here:

    and a photo of our favorite hcm right here

    HA HA SHES HIZZLE. HIZZLED means stoned so shes a pot head too. She is cool!! :)

  10. wow theres more SHAMWOW!

    fav qoute "I’m a bimbo fag from Iowa"

    and myspace goodies must be friend of hizzle

    love you too kapow! :)

  11. :D i probably should make this into an article, but it's 6am and im just to damn tired lol. it will be posted though. you have done well.

  12. in summary cydoniax is heidi anspaugh and hizzled hizzle or sh'hizzle or hizzlefuckingd

    she is an old pot head, big handed, tall woman who uses the zodiac to find a job, ha!

    she is not home manager material, dont sound too smrt or not specially hot but not ugly

    sony should make her a mod and put GW in charge

  13. hahahaha , good shit


  14. funny tidbit about Buggie(aka Jared Rea) who was, as we know, replaced by glasswalls. Buggie posts his new employer (playspan) and old responsibilities at Sony on his linked in:

    Online Community Specialist
    Sony Computer Entertainment of America
    (Computer Games industry)
    February 2009 — August 2009 (7 months)
    Community manager for Sony's free-to-use online virtual world for PlayStation 3, boasting a population of over 8 million users.
    • Communicated daily with the PlayStation Home user base, along with external communities, providing news, technical support and answers via in-world appearances, message boards, PlayStation blog, Twitter and more.
    • Developed and executed numerous key in-world events, generating positive growth in traffic and sales, along with positive media coverage from major outlets.
    • Created in-world promotional assets utilizing graphic design talents, including event posters, calendars and storefronts.
    • Coordinated with a nationwide team of moderators, ranging from SCEA employees, external companies and community volunteers to ensure that all rules and policies concerning the product were properly upheld.
    • Utilized personal network of industry contacts and community ties to pull external communities into PlayStation Home, special guests for in-world events and unique content to the platform.
    • Worked with international business partners along with sales and marketing teams on a regular basis to develop events to coincide with the release, or to generate hype, for new virtual product.

  15. wow. i'm surprised no one has photos up of locust star and or what Home Watch posted up the article on Cobra Girl with no photo's of her.... just sayin that's all that or photo's of glass walls.

    haha i can see it now a beauty thread with a poll voting ( if possible ) to who is hotter glass walls or Cydonia or Cobra Girl haha