PS Home Update, 2/24

Written by: Kapow

Ok, we're going to keep it short this week, honest:
  • Uncharted 2 Costumes and Housing items (Nathan, Chloe, Elena, Sully and Tetram as far as clothes go)
  • New SOCOM Costumes (Woodland Camo gear for the guys and Snow Camo gear for the LADIES.)
  • Warhawk Costumes (Eucadian clothes for the ladies and Chernovan gear for the guys.)
  • The Tester items (one free thing in the Theatre and others for purchase in the mall, like this nifty Goat Chair.)
There's not much else but hit the link for full story


  1. I'm willing to turn down some of my negativity seeing that Buser is showing interest in the community. This site, tacky as it is sometime, has to be given credit for turning the heat up. Kudos Home-Watch.

    I'm not advocating kumbayah here but this was a good step. Probably the next step is a rebel crushing empire advance... but maybe not.

    Do something cool Jack.

  2. Indeed and agreed.
    There is a reason for reading these articles and posting on them.
    Would not come here if this blog created personal feelings that it was damaging Home.
    Kudos to everyone here who takes part and cares about Home's future