PS Home Update, 2/4

Written by: Kapow

Quick summary of what's to come in tomorrow's update:

  • Villains Lair personal space. It's a pretty huge personal space with two mini games. It's a damn shame that we still have a 50 item limit though.
  • A "heap" of new virtual items (including stuff to go with the new Villains Lair space).
  • A Madden 10 'event'. Starting this Friday, Feb. 5th, and going to Super Sunday, Feb. 7th, the featured game for Game Launching will be Madden 10.
And that's about it. Hit the link for a few more details on the Villains Lair personal space.


  1. I swear to fucking god I saw a superhero costume!!!!!!!

  2. you did indeed see a super hero costume.