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From our email:

Oh, where to start..

First, I'm Known as [name removed]! Yup that's me!! Now don't get the name wrong, he's usually a pretty nice guy, I mean I have several great friends that I hang with online, (like [name removed] and his wife) usually at Scorpio's bar. But, I also tend to speak my mind and sometimes, if not often usually tend to speak it kinda bluntly, especially when someone double crosses me, like Sony and Lithium have. But I thought I would explain a few things and hopefully clear some things up.

First, we all know home is FREE, and it does say beta.. but they (meaning Sony) can not use beta as an excuse, when you buy something, buy law they have to provide it. For some reason, Sony has a hard time dealing with that issue, so yes, I voiced my opinion on a lot of missing or falsely advertised items. I did this so other buyers could be aware of the issue, and avoid it. At this current time, I'm unemployed so any amount of money I spend is valuable, and Sony is not going to take my money and then not give me what I bought or just parts of it. In fact, I wouldn't let any company do that, regardless of the fact of employment. I mean would you walk into your local Fail*Mart and buy something and then get it home and it not work, would you keep it? No.. I think you would return it... or would you order online and then wait 10 years for them to ship it.. No.. I think you would be calling them. Well, seems how Sony has no phone support for home, what other means can you go about to get support other then the forums? So, yes, I posted there, and I posted a lot! And, yes.. I did help a few users out as well, by giving tours of my places. I enjoyed it! But Lithium took that away by giving me a 4 day ban for spamming the forums. Oh, and here is the quote on why I was banned for that. "You were banned for spamming 'Well in before the delete / lock LOL.'" Yes, I replied to a thread that should of been deleted or locked with just the words: "In before the lock" and boom banned. Now, to me spamming is sending the same message over and over again in the forums, or something that goes to and advertising link. But anyways, I sent an email and a person by the name of Alan Savage, answered, rudely. In fact any contact I had with them were rude and vague. 2 days later another member of my household used their account to access the forums, and they were banned as well for 14 days, along with my account to 14 days. This really ticked me off. How can they ban members, not knowing their family situation. Tell me where it says "only 1 account per household." So I wrote Allen about this and yes, I was a little blunt, I also threaten to seek a lawyer, since their forums are the only way we can get support for HOME. You can not by LAW stop someone from getting support for their products. The response from him was a permanent ban. Personally I'm done with them now, especially after the PS3 got a YLOD, and will cost 177.00 to fix.

Now for several weeks, I now have a contact at Sony, that any time that I have problems I can call a direct number, and no I won't give it out, because he's been nice to help me and I don't want him flooded with a million requests. I was also able to get a good friends missing items back as well. And in my conversations with my contact, I have informed him of their forums and of lithium's banning procedures and the rudeness they offer as their customer service. I said, Jake (real name changed) I hate to tell you, this so called company that runs your forums also represent you, if they leave a sour taste in peoples mouth, it also makes Sony look bad, and he actually agreed. Jake, is going to be looking into who was responsible for picking lithium as their forums and send me the details that I can fully voice my opinion on Lithium. I also, ask him about all the home problems, like who are we suppose to contact when we have problems with home items, because we get the run around when we call the 800 number. His response was "It's funny you mentioned that, because we just had a meeting about that, and the answer is, you should now contact the 800 number and they should send you to the correct department, this issue has been brought up about sending people to the forums for help and should be fixed now." So to make some things clear, you are to call the 800-345-7669 and ask for the network department, or you call directly, but you will be charged for long distance at (866) 286-5123. Then tell them your problem, and people don't let them push you around. Stand up for yourself, and be firm if you have to. Above all of that though, when you call them, voice your opinion on home forums, the mods/managers and Lithium. It's is only through US that they will be aware of these problems. If we remain silent nothing will be fixed or nothing will be done about all the crap going on. See, I look at it this way.. you can let people piss on you.. or you can return the favor, and personally no one pisses on me, and I will fight if I have to, and as a consumer of Sony, I shouldn't have to. I mean what ever happened to customer service with this company? Jake is still looking into a few things, I'll update when I find out more information.

Like you said in your previous blog, we are home users, we are a home community, where would it be with out us? I love home and the people there, it's great fun, and I am back on home using a Slim for the time being, and it's great to be back and just in time for the new update for Thursday, although I will not be posting the faulty items I find on the forums, I'll post them here LOL. Since Lithium likes to try and stop people from getting support for Sony products.

Also, I ask another favor to anyone who has suffered with any of the problems with YLOD of falsely advertised items, to contact: Maybe if we get enough people to do that, they continue to investigate this and bring a class action lawsuit on Sony and possibly Lithium.

Peace Out All and see you when I get HOME!!

[name removed]


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