The State of Home? The Opinions of Home!

Jack Buser, the director of Home recently made a blog post, which we've covered here. I'd like to take this moment to highlight some of our favorite comments:

What I would like to know is when do we get the trophy room that was shown so long ago?

I’ve been buying Personal spaces this past week. IDK why, but it attracted me to be on PSHome more. Thanks guys, now I’m addicted :)

Jack Buser replied on February 22, 2010 at 1:57 pm:

Happy to hear it Jetup. We’re glad to have you with us! [editor's note: I'm sure you are glad to have someone funding your pockets.]

Lively conversation on the forums?

Hate to say it, but that just shows how out of touch you guys are. Have you REALLY been to the forums? People with opinions are driven out by your trolling HCVs, or shut down by Lithium staff. It’s “heavily controlled” conversation, not lively in any sense of the word. You can’t hear us, because we are moderated beyond belief. Some things we need to be respectfully frank about, but it just gets shoved to the side.

I’m curious Mr. Jack exactly what it is we have to look forward to? We’re constantly told for months on end “wait and something good will come,” and all we get are ridiculous dance offs and broken games. I’d like to know WHAT it is I’m looking forward to. I understand the gaming industry is packed with secrets, intellectual property rights, and non-disclosure agreements. But would it kill you to let us know what the status of the core update? Or when we can expect to not wait 10-30 minutes for bootup?

As for the “games” most are completely terrible. I wouldn’t use this as a bragging right. When they function, which is rare, most times the game is simply just duller then dirt.

My apologies for being brutally honest, but I’ve sunk HUNDRES of dollars into home, and it honestly hasn’t been worth it yet.

I don’t really care about new features, but please, PLEASE make sure you fix Home stability, load times when starting up, when using the wardrobe, loading new spaces, etc. Increasing the cache size feels useless right now so I reduced it back to 3gb and funnily enough, Home is now faster but can still use improvement.

Oh and let’s not forget the Central Plaza glitch which has been going on around the time 1.30 released.

Did Jack actually use the words “a renewed focos on OPEN DIALOGUE”?!!!

When have you ever focused on open dialogue?

You removed voice chat from HOME, and then HEAVILY censored the crummy little voice chat you left us with.

You never respond to comments or participate on the blog (other than to post advertisements for crap that nobody ever requested).

The state of HOME is a sorry one yet you’d paint it otherwise? No mention of how buggy it is? This program crashes my PS3 constantly like nothing else! That kind of stuff doesn’t slide with other PS3 software and it sure shouldn’t with HOME. Who developed this thing anyway? I can’t imagine it was any real game developer as Sony studios alone have put out many great games on the PS3 with open worlds and minimal loading, yet HOME is a bunch of tiny rooms and still chugs. Is it running off of only 1 SPU or something? I try to enjoy it for what it is but it fights me tooth and nail every step of the way. The long loading, extreme slowdown and crashing needs to go. Then you can get back to selling non-existant things that are now costing as much as actual games (for example LocoRoco apartment and LocoRoco Cocoreccho share the same price).

Yeah please focus on a few updates that would improve the functionality of Home. We don’t need new spaces and costumes every update when you cannot go from space to space without a loading screen or downloading the space over and over again.

I have been a daily user of Home for almost a year, And a some what daily poster on the forums. This is the first time upper management has even stepped up to give us some feedback. I may be wrong, But it’s the first iv’e seen.

Unfortunately, almost every independent ps3 based project I’ve seen Sony put out has been filled with potential but lacking in execution and PS Home is no exception. I believe the developers working for you are somewhat short-sighted.

Wow Home is the longest BETA ever and seems to be getting very boring to use…



Home lacks focus and as a result I have always felt awkward when using it.

I deleted Home long ago. i did it to get my 3GB back and because it had no appeal for me. I want DA GAMES!!! thats why i bought a PS3 early, only to get short changed in the memory dept. Believe me, if i had the HD space id glady stroll around Home a little, but a transfer at this point is a hassle and of course $$$$$$

Its been quite a while since the open beta started. Is Home ever going to stop being a beta?

Hm, how do I respond to something like this.. Well, more power to you and home.. Personally, I know everyone looks at me as a complainer, but sorry, I’m just trying to watch out for other people and I posted in the TRASHED ASS lithium forums my concerns on false advertising and paying for items you never get, but Lithium doesn’t appreciate comments like that. I’ll be glad when the day comes when Sony does their own forums, and ditches 3rd party forum idiots who don’t know what they are doing, other then destroying Sony’s Rep. But other then that, I enjoy home and I use it a lot, and I will continue to support home as much as I can, even though there are several issues in home that need to be addressed, like unstable connections, lag, and not to mention one of the biggest problems which is the favoritism among home mangers and certain users of the forums.

PS. People asking for TV’s and music, you might as well forget it, I personally don’t ever see that happening.. I mean look at the constant F13’s, the lag, network errors. No, this will never happen. I mean heck go to Mui Mui boat, see how long you can stay there before you crash.. or better yet how long it takes you to leave!

Here’s to homes future!

@ mr. jack buser

maybe you’ll answer me about what happened to the wizards den? the rest of your team won’t…

LMFAO @ Home. The first time I tried it, I got some weird Hard Drive error after home installed. Uninstalled it right away and after that I never touched it.


HUGE waste of MILLIONS of development dollars. Not ONE of my PSN friends use home. EVER

There’s no point in asking any further qustions…Jack has already fulfilled his “Look at me listen” quota.

Now he’s back to ignoring the hell out of the PS3 community.



  1. Buser has some nerve, I'll give him that much. Home has really taken a nosedive with him at the helm. I suppose he is a hero at Sony for selling so much virtual garbage while they continue to ignore performance or actual improvements to Home. This short sighted approach will result in low user retention rate and will eventually destroy Home as everyone learns home is a sucker trap. Such a shame but that's what Sony gets for hiring duds and letting the real talent go.

  2. And mr. jack busser never got back to me about that damned wizards den neither!