The State of PlayStation Home

Written by: Kapow

I just read this funny joke, it's called "The State of PlayStation Home." You can find it

I just wanted to point out these 2 comments because i thought they were particular funny:

:Jim777 | February 22nd, 2010 at 1:48 pm

Thank you for this amazing application Jack, and for the love of God drop by the forums and make a post or to ;)

Also come out to some events we would LOVE to have you.

Jack Buser's Avatar

Jack Buser replied on February 22, 2010 at 2:03 pm

Thanks and noted Jim777. Good to hear from you and stay tuned :

and in response:

[Name Changed] | February 22nd, 2010 at 2:11 pm

Hey jim777 think you have a little brown stuff on your nose there bud… LMAO!!

I just thought that was pretty funny and wanted to share it with all of you! Hit the link up top to view the blog post by "Jack Buser" (or one of his interns, who knows) and the following comments. Notice the particular ones he chooses to respond to. Please stop boosting this guys ego.


  1. Jack Busar's ID in Home is electrobrain. I run into him often, yet he is almost always AFK. When he is there, I've tried chatting with him but he usually just ignored me and walks on by.

  2. Jim777 what a fucking joke lol.

    Let me make a prediction for you...

    Someone in the top 10 will make a post that gets a few kudos, you will see Jim777 come out of the woodwork to make a post just for the kudos.

    History does have a tendency to repeat itself ya know...

  3. Ill get on that thread ASAP dont worry Kapow

  4. Jim doesn't know any better. Home is his only home, and Buser is like his absent daddy. Jimbo just got dad to acknowledge his existence so I for one think that was a really special and touching moment. I'm touching myself right now, in fact, and thinking of you Jim.

  5. wat a joke, i thought jim777 failtrain didn't come to homewatch anymore. He should learn his place and stay out!

  6. failtrain can't stay away. I salute him for that.
    gawdammit Heidi spell you name right. for fucks sake. and why won't you accept my friend request at or ?

  7. Jim I couldnt find any sexy jaypegs of buserboy. Best I can do is this for your cyd fix:

    Jimbo, when you graduate from junior high I recommend you drop out, move to san francisco and hang out with cyd. You'll find her at various karaoke bars and zodiac readings. Then you will be my hero. You will have to beat asoccer (asucker?) to her but i think you can do it.

  8. Sounds good, me and Cyd can hit up the karaoke bards and discuss our elite plans to take over Home

  9. LOL JIM, who does he think he is? a god? he aint shit. Stop making useless posts jim. The forums are much better without you.

  10. x-[LegionofShadows]-xFebruary 22, 2010 at 11:15 PM

    Jim..."elite plan to take over Home" hahaha! btw motherfucker, this is XxTheDarkness-xX I saw your ass at the Open Debates. Haha you totally sounded like some rich spoiled piece of shit..tell your friend Conrad to go piss himself too :D

  11. LMFAO!!! XD Jim777 what a ass kisser

  12. I dnt get it either. Maybe the Home staff feels they have to throw these people a bone(r) just so they stay happy and keep saying they do a wonderful job or otherwise, if neglected, they themselves might turn and riot. IDK, to me, these egos that think they are in wit the home staff dnt need attention. If the attention these people already get is a contstant topic of disussion and distraction from Home, then why continue to feed the problem? Your making my job harder >:[]

  13. Jim is a fucking waste, he was kicked out of the HCV program for telling an underage kid to go make a 18+ account to get the mindfreak shirt and some other user on the forums had a vaginal yeast infection over it. Jim has bitched about it since and pitched a fit about it until Glass got the CS spot. Now he's kissing ass so he can get back in the next group. Fuck Jim he's retarded.

  14. Wow, didn't know Jim777 is an ass as well. So now we got two asses I have to watch out for in the HOME forum...

    Conrad_Max and Jim777 sitting under the tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g, first comes love, then comes marriage, now both of them gonna have a HCM kiss ass retard baby in a carriage..LOL...