Update -- GlassWalls + Hackers = Confusion; The Reply

There you have it folks, importing and or hacking is a no no. It is not allowed. Not, "We frown upon it" not, "people shouldn't be doing it." "None of it is allowed."

So now some of you might be thinking, "Well what about the other part of the question??" Fear not, I have sent another PM asking, more directly, what steps they, the Home staff, are taking to prevent such things from happening.
I'll let you know when he responds.

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  1. Since that was a PM to just you I have to assume only you are not allowed to hack. Sorry for the double standard! :]

    I also created a public thread asking that question and inexplicably it was deleted immediately. They have had many opportunities to address similar questions but they always delete them rather than tell us their official policy.

    That image tells us that the HCMs condone the behavior so it MUST BE OKAY! Otherwise GW would have been kicking ass and taking names.

    They PM you got back only shows that the management is full of hypocrites.

    Hacking season is still open! Home-Watch should start posting how-to articles on hacks. First rule of hack club, don't ask an HCM via PM if it is okay or not.

  2. People should be allowed to hack. It only makes sense.
    Hack and report. As long as one reports the hack, they should be allowed to keep whatever items they have obtained. Hacking should be encouraged and rewarded.
    This is beta after all, we are supposed to be finding these things so Sony can fix them, right?
    You can't bust people for doing their job.

  3. OMG Nos, that's like saying we should let bank robbers keep the loot they steal as a reward for finding weaknesses in the bank's security.

  4. 22 bank failures this year, not a bad idea. Then we can talk about beta bucks again! :)

  5. Herein lies the rub: if these objects are items that you need to pay for with real money, then it becomes larceny. In California, any purloined items with an overall value of more than $400 is felony grand theft, which means a stretch in federal pound-me-in-the-ass prison. Not to mention stealing intellectual property from Sony and their respective cronies, which is another set of charges entirely.

    So, the Mints should probably re-think their territories, or call Sony to make it legit by way of a Home import/export business or brokerage firm.

  6. That's what Nos kept asking during the event.
    "What's a MINT?"

  7. the mints are a group of item hackers. They're like Homelings because they all flock in one spot together, except the outfits they wear aren't bland and uninteresting. They use variations of the letters 'I' and 'L' to make all their names look alike: II_MINT_II. In the font Home uses a lower case L and an upper case I look the exact same.

    Ran into them more then once. Wasn't very impressed, they all seemed kind of lame.

  8. Yes, the Mints seem to be a more hip version of Elite Shadow...

  9. Posting private messages is never a good idea. Don't be surprised if GlassWalls doesn't reply anymore. :(

    On topic: sometimes it seems like it's a don't ask, don't tell sort of situation. They'll hang out with you if you're a known hacker, that's part of being manager, right? Hanging out with people.

    It's sort of a double-edged sword. If staff stopped hanging out with hackers, it would scream bias/favoritism/etc. If they do hang out with hackers, it sends the message that they condone hacking when they "don't"...

  10. GlassWalls actually encourages big group gatherings such as the mints, they are awesome for events regardless of what items they have or not, you honestly think they care lmao N.O.P.E

  11. in other words they are a bunch of nerds?