Wait...What? -- UPDATE

Written by: Kapow

Am I missing something? You're telling me this guy can have a big signature with giant letters that say "THE STONERS LOUNGE" with weed leaves bordering it, but a certain someone gets banned for having a youtube link to the Ralph vs. Home Talk Show video in their signature? Oh Sony Forums, I wag my finger at you.

[Update] It seems as though that persons signature has been removed. I guess a MOD or Admin was lurking around here and saw this post. You're welcome, Sony forum staff. No need to thank us.


  1. I've seen worse than that. I've seen a sig that talked about the "truth" of 9-11 and linked to a website saying the government blew up the world trade center.

    And iknow alot of us have seen some bad things on the forums, which makes being banned over a youtube video of PS Home just pathetic.

    I think im gonna ask the Forum Admin that comes to our Open Debates about all this. Your welcome to join, but i'll send you his answer anyways.

  2. Youtube video that has no cursing, flaming = get banned

    Promote drug use on a forum that's for all ages = 100% ok

  3. Beating up on stoners eh?! SHAME ON YOU MY FRIEND!


  4. not beating up on stoners, just making a point.