Wardrobe Malfunction

According to this post:

I have recently purchased the classical Paris bundle and found something interesting. Under the storage tab I have two china cabinets. They both have different images, and yet are the exact same piece of furniture. There are similarities between the pieces of furniture, like, the object itself, and what tab they are located under (which is the storage tab). Now for a few differences.

The first difference is that although they are, as objects anyway, exactly the same piece of furniture, the one that is mislabeled as the classical wardrobe has what I assume is the proper texture mapping for the china cabinet. The actual wardrobe itself is in the 'ornaments' section and has the exact same details as the properly mapped, yet mislabeled duplication. There is a texture mistake on the class specifically. The cabinet labeled as a wardrobe has reflective glass while the cabinet, which is labeled as such, does not. And looks rather washed out.

-Information Duplication on Classical Paris Wardrobe located under the storage tab and possible miscatagorization on actual wardrobe object.

-Classical Paris China Cabinet has improper texture maping.


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