The Wheels On the Bus Go Round and Round

So I was browsing through the Sony forums looking for new things to bag on them for. What I got was so juicy and yummy I couldn't help it.

Cobra1, aka "Cobra Girl," Is a moderator for Lithium. The folks that work extra hard to make sure everything you do or say is censored. Well, luckily, she links her Twitter account in her signature. Why is beyond me, because of this little tidbit:

Bio I drive for King County Metro Transit and work with Lithium to moderate online communities. Video games in my spare time and walks in the park.
Beep beep. She's a bus driver. Not only is that hilarious in itself, but she actually lists it BEFORE working for Lithium. The forums that harbor the Home forums are run by bus drivers. (Well, one confirmed, the others strongly suspected) I always thought Sony's forums smelled like cigarettes and armpit. Let's check some of her tweets:

Remember: New #Metro Transit routes and schedules start Saturday, Feb 6, 2010. New timetables are now available for all routes.
Damn, could you be any more interesting? Thanks for the update Ms. Crabtree.

Watching #Forrest Gump again.... Who sits on a city bus bench for 3 hours waiting on 1 bus to arrive?
As much time as you spend on the Playstation forums censoring people's debates and conversations, I would suggest they're waiting on your bus.

I think driving through the tunnel with the #LinkLight Trains is going to be easier than I thought. Route 73 is a good route. #Metrotransit
Oh, you naughty party animal.
Dear Metro passengers. This is the 28 Express; we are not passing 34th St. so don't go expecting any miracles! <3
Just like a bus takes forever to go from zero to forty, it takes just as long for you to go from zero to witty.
I really think I stayed up too late playing #MW2.
Great, I'll expect to see a news story: "Playstation gestapo member drives bus off cliff. She will soon be replaced with stronger language filters." Go have a look at the Kings County Public Transit page, where their motto is "We'll get you there." The fine print says nothing about you being alive, however.


  1. There are those who view bus drivers as sexy.
    There are those who view Lithium MODs as sexy.


    Let's do some math... never mind...

  2. you're correct, this is hilarious. now lets wait and see how long it takes for someone to come in and defend her with the, "well a job's a job, geez!" argument.

  3. LOL..Didn't know Lithium online forum is run by a bus driver. Wow...**speechless**

  4. I wouldn't hold her primary profession against her. I can't imagine mods being paid much more than minimum wage so were you expecting PhDs? This is just a spare change job.

    What I would hold her accountable for is a history of poor moderation in the Home forum. I've seen her lock numerous threads that were totally legit. She is also very lazy as a moderator. Rather than dealing with flamers who disrupt decent threads she will just shut down the thread. That must piss off a bunch of Sony customers. I am surprised Sony doesn't address that with Lithium.

  5. Well a jobs a job for gods sake!
    Just kidding.
    We all know that a major corporation like Sony went with the LOWEST bidder for its moderation services - you get what you pay for.

  6. And Littleblueeyes gets the award for hitting it right on the head.

  7. Wow! LiLBlue said it almost perfectly. =)

    Sonys always budget cautious. and we end up paying for it in the end as users.

  8. Hey, do you think she secretly desires a bus unlock for Gran Turismo ?

  9. Nah, that's what Twisted Metal is for ;)

  10. OMFG PygmyO .... i lmfao @ that. Man this story if fkn funny. I'm srry but this story was ... how shall i say it? Titillating


  11. i gotta admit this was a funny post. thanks for the laugh !

  12. While it is agreed that Sony's directive where bucks are concerned is lowest bidder wins, am confident that there are Sony employees (HCM's, MODs included) who actually DO care about us, our concerns, and the Home application as a whole.
    That being said, caring is not always enough. Not saying that well-trained or seasoned individuals is the answer. Anyone with a keen, open mind and the drive to facilitate relevant communications between the User and the Provider are what Home needs.
    One Homeling's opinion.

  13. you get what you pay for. rather wish Sony would offer a bit more than McDonalds and get some quality moderators.