Wow, More Failures than Usual!

Every time Home gives us the slightest glimpse of Hope... They crush it like a bug. But not any bug, one of those gross bugs that explodes and makes a crunching sound.

First there's this post about content refusing to be bought:

Every time i got to checkout at the lucusarts store I'm getting an error "this content cannot be selected at this time" Thanks. Glad I got up early

FAIL. I checked into it and got the same error. Please comment to let us know if you got it too. Next up, buying stuff and not receiving it, a Home Classic:
Do not buy the locoroco stuff because it does not appear after you have bought it.
Ok, that was to the point, but did other people notice?

Are you asking a question? I wish people would right coherently on simple sentences.

Yes, the stuff do NOT show up after you buy them. What a jip. I just spent more than $12 for no reason. The information says that I get an instant download of the virtual stuff but I don't have it. Sony broke the contract with me. I did not agree to a "pay now receive maybe later" for the virtual stuff.

I'll take that as a yes, FAIL #2. Next, we have the lightsaber. Everyone wanted these so badly. Home provided. Think they did so without screwing it up?:

The Lightsaber is $5...
Thats outrageous

That's from Fail777! King and ruler of Failtopia. But is that the only issue? seems not:

I saw a girl with a lightsaber, it didnt even glow

Awesome, overpriced, non-glowing lightsaber. Even the Glow rods glow, why don't these? FAIL #3. Anything else? How about Sodium:

just as subject says i lost 4.99 in new store at mall. i was tryin 2 buy da animated emoticon love bundle and lost 4.99. I got an error, but dnt write it dwn srry. who do i contact to get refund. plz help

FAIL 4. And the day has barely started. This is going to be a fun update.


  1. First! Sorry... just kidding.

    Hey, keep your eyes here for some new postings:

  2. I'm not the most enthusiastic Home user because frankly I've been fucked by the Sony Home team in the past. But this morning I was actually pumped for this update. I was this -> <- close to dropping a few bucks. And BAM, total train wreck!

    They should just launch an apocalyptic version of central plaza with buildings on fire and mutilated bodies strewn everywhere.

    Good work HCMs! Nice work not notifying users via forum and Home about the Loco Roco issue. Nice testing/QA too. But seriously, thanks for validating the existence of websites like this.

  3. @PygmyOperative...We all know you wernt gonna spend any money you cheap fuck, LOL. J/K. HOw was it a train wreck? Issues arose, and just a few minutes after 9AM Pacific time things began to get fixed. If anything this should be a happy story showing the BETA had an issue, and was fixed promptly. DOnt get me wrong, I lvoe to nitpick on Sony, but they did their job today IMHO. I know this becuase im sitting at my LocoRoco Island, in my alien outfit, checking out my new furniture, etc. Go find some elses parade to rain on today.


  4. on hold with customer service right now over a piece of my alien bundle pack not showing up... taking my account info...on hold again...even the music on cs hold glitches out...came back "we're checking into that...teir 2 cust de da de dum...i'll be helping you today...lemme check into that...more sketchy classical music....i get a "call back from a specialty support person"...tum te tum... lemme try that department again... oh look locoroco loaded for my friend!...i just want my paris ahold of that department sir checking into that now.thank you for your continued patience...thank you for bringingthis to our attention sir, please hold on for just a bit longer and we'll try to have this resolved for you...(wow the locoroco space has no mini games like the jpn version)...ok sir we've e-mailed the home team and that will be fixed within 5 business days, if it hasn't please call us back, give them this reference number, and we'll do whatever we can...

    all in all i found customer support to be a helluva bigger help than the home team ever has even tried to be! we'll see how this goes in5 days...

  5. HAhAhahahaha !!! thats what u get star wars freaks !!! j/k love all u home freaks but star war clothes blow...they should just ditch the whole store.