Beware of the Assassins Creed Hideout space [Update]

Written by: Kapow

Do Not go into this public space unless you want your PS3 to completely freeze. A lot of people have been having this issue with the new space today including myself.
We'll update this post as soon as the space is fixed.


Hey everyone,

Just letting you know that we have communicated your reports back to the development team, who are investigating a fix to address the freezing issues some

(a lot) of you are experiencing in the new AC space. We will report back with more details as we receive them.




  1. I tried downloading it from my Navigaotr, and I seized up. They should rename it Assassin's Screech(ing brakes).

  2. I see that quality assurance is still job #1 at Sony.

  3. See what can I say, JPN HOME hands down with better events, space and perfect set up VS NA HOME with broken coded issues...Yay NA HOME!..