Boycotts Are Not Allowed!

According to this post on the forums: (Cleaned up for format issues)

It is beyond sad that EU home gets a ton of American Swag and Codes

Star Trek
Audi (ok, that one is techniqully a European company)
And Now..

Kick Ass.

What exactly am I missing, Why do we get none of these items? And don't reply with "Well EU Home doesn't get a lot of stuff NA Home gets"

Kick Ass is an American comic book, an American Movie. And they get the exclusive codes? wth? and if this is somehow fair, HAVE WE EVER GOT AN EXCLUSIVE CODE FROM A EUROPEAN FRANCHISE?

I can put up with the crappy way most of the NA events are run on Home, I have actually come to expect them to phail on those. But this is just shameful.

Really, I mean Really?

However common this message is, the final outcome kinda irked me:
Unfortunately, discussions of boycotts aren't allowed.
Yup. You can't mention boycotting Sony. And per usual a locked topic isn't a locked topic without Conrad_Max sucking on the Admin/moderator's nuts.


  1. I am convinced that Conrad_Max = CydoniaX. There's just NO way anyone else could be such a flaming tool.

    Unfortunately for Sony, censorship of legitimate discussions isn't going to stop people from boycotting; quite the opposite. I haven't bought a single Sony product, PS3 title or anything remotely associated with Sony in 6 months now. I just keep downloading demos and updates and using what I have. LBP is good like that. I'm waiting for the big shake-up (HCMs all fired) before investing another dime.

  2. @Butters

    Really ? i can see not supporting home but not supporting Devs like Naughty Dog or Insomniac for their great titles ( Uncharted and Ratchet And Clank ) and many other great titles because of the HCM ? just don't bother with Home items .. that's what i am doing . going strong have not bought a single item to date. tho cause i am Canadian and if i don't exist too them my money doesn't either.

  3. Conrad_Max ix just a dicking sucking fagget. I swear I'm sick of those god damn forums everytime I go there I see him and Hoeanna_Dark Kissing ass to mods it really gets fuckin old and annoying not to mention CameronGirl who keeps making the most stupid ass Topics. Conrads fagget ass threatened me once on home by reporting me for cussing once. His fagget ass was listening in to my conversation from like 10ft away while he was playing poker. Funny thing is I never got suspended Looks like conrad didnt suck enough dick.

  4. damn, Riot, tell us how you Really feel haha.

    ugh! and i see camrontards threads, they're so god damn stupid and pointless. she's really kicked up the dick sucking ever since they started taking applications for HCV.

  5. its most likely that they are spendin their money on advertisin somewhere where they have no audience already - if they skipped on dat nobody would have fu*ed with gi joes or watchmen down here so dats actualy pretty smart of em :)


  6. Lol yea CamronGirls threads are really stupid and pointless shes just lookin for a way to suck dick to the mods. Like that new one of her showing all the Spaces on home. Pointless stupid thread im pretty sure we all know what each space is for and she has her god damn ugly ass avatar in all the pictures. I think you deserves another trophy Kapow lol.