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now i cant get into home period, first the freezing which led to the network issue, now im out 200 bucks. hey sony if ya want to tell me to gfy why not do it to my face.
i didnt really care about the dang prizes i was just going to a friend, i mean christ, its 1 thing to cause freezing, this is another thing, im not complaining about the effects, moreso the cause which in this case is home
the ac space is so laggy and freezy it reflected onto psn and now my ps3 sux. heres an idea sony, try making it so that 10 million ppl cant b in the same instance together causing lag, freezong, and crashing, instead why not try having so that only a few ppl can b in a space preventing that from happening, then maybe my ps3 wouldnt b i n its current butchered state, i am deeply enraged about this
o boy... yea i agree with you this stuff should b handled more properly, i suggest ya call the police
and also the heart and soul of the ps3 is infamous and prototype
and i feel i owe a few things to the community due to my absense, but wat can i say, when its outta my power nothin can b done, but expect more posts, in the meantime, how many of you here report sexual harassment on home, say a noob kneeling behing a female avi. i say its time we all report that.
Remember, while folks are getting banned for making too much noise about not receiving items, sexual harassment, etc, this guy keeps getting to post. Over and over and over and over and....


  1. Yeah, he is hardcore...Met him once in HOME Mall, funny guy indeed. ^^

  2. Hey Kapow I got some pics I wanna send u its about home and our fail mods how can I send em to u?

  3. i know there's a second comment on this post. but to answer your question, Riot, sure. send em to the official home-watch e-mail and we'll take a look at em.

  4. ah! there it is, i wonder why it doesn't show up until i posted, this happened a few time before.

  5. Uh... what exactly is a "Commader" anyway?