Hai uve bin banned kthnxbai. --Update

Some of you will be pleased to know that I have been banned from the Lithium forums, again. And some of you will be crying yourselves to sleep (Anonoman).

Don't get me wrong, I've been spending Way to much time over there anyways, getting Jack Buser to post, criticizing retards, and being number one in Kudos' for a day straight. So this will be a much needed break. For those of you keeping track, the first time I was banned it was for having a link to the youtube video of Ralph "harassing" the Lochwoods. This time it's for saying f*ck (yes, f*uck, not fuck). If anyone can think of any other reason, like me making 2/3 of the HCMs butt hurt, let me know.

Don't worry folks, I'll be back over there in 28 days to continue bringing Home-Watch flavored justice.
Good luck average joes, keep sending in e-mails when Lithium and Home staff do you wrong, we've got your backs.

[UPDATE] Sorry guys, make that 56 days. I tried a little shenanigans last night.
Keep fighting the good fight. And @Anonymous #1: We do have more info and news on Cydonia and Locust, but we can't just lay all of our cards down on the table right now.


  1. i dont even go to the forums now that they changed the format. its all fucked up now. home-watch is all i need to get news on updates and home bullshit with no thread locks and deletes.

    please keep exposing the home managers and lithium mods for the idiots they are. and didnt u guys say you would tell us more about cydoniax and gang?

    Heres more pothead cydoniax shit but old: http://people.tribe.net/d8620fef-8aa4-42c5-98c7-0346514dc544

  2. Man, ouch, I got a warning way back in the day for that while trying to illustrate a point about the filter in Home (there was a technical reason come on!!!). Yeah, the mods are pretty stingy if you try to skirt around the filter. I think it's a bit unfair but, what can ya do right? Live and learn.

  3. Getting banned sucks, but at least yours is temporary.

  4. At least you didn't pull a Luiggy hahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahhhhhahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahhaha.

    And just for good measure...

  5. Just get a new IP address (through a proxy or resetting your cable modem or borrow neighbors wifi) and sign in with a new ID that rhymes or shares traites with home watch.

    Like gnome_splotch or comb_crotch or domus_visum

  6. Ahh ha ha, I figured this would happen again sometime soon. You fucking kudo whore, lol, now your gonna have to wait awhile longer to get more. However, thanks for the quality posts over in the forums, we need more shit like that. And like other ppl said, at least its temporary and your not pulling a Luiggy, lol. Well hope to see you on there soon, if not then BF:BC2 it is!


  7. @banned
    why do you think they just doubled my time

    of course we got BFBC2, i'm a gamer first.

  8. I'm playing BC2 but on PC. I won't spend any money on the PS3 until CydoniaX is fired.

    Having fun though, the PC might be the best platform for this game anyhow.

  9. I dont spend too much time on the forums....havent posted anything over there in weeks. But I did think you made some some very good posts that I knew would sooner or later get a negative result from those idiots. Sry you got banned but being a gamer first (like myself) its not such a bad thing =] Good luck Kapow

  10. lol yes, i hate that camworegirl she always posts sputid content