Have you been banned from the Lithium forums for talking about and/or mentioning Home-Watch?

Written by: Kapow

If you have, please comment below or e-mail us with what you posted and please try and provied some proof.

Try to follow this guideline:

  • What you originally posted
  • If they edited your text, what did they edit it to and what was their reason.
  • PMs from MODs with warnings and such.
  • The Ban Screen (the screen you get when you try to look at the forums after having been banned).

I think that's good enough. And remember, only people that have been banned for talking about, mentioning, or referencing Home-Watch in any way, should comment or e-mail.

This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Watch
  • The Watch
  • Home Watch
  • Home-Watch
  • PSN Home Watch
  • PSN Home-Watch

1 comment:

  1. I already commented on this, but I might as well bring it up again. Two users named chunglo67 and PM-Rykuta mentioned Home Watch on the forum. Here's how the conversation went:

    "chunglo67 wrote:
    a lot of people think the devs are lazy but @ this point I think they are intentionally running home into the ground"

    "PM-Rykuta wrote:
    Oh jeez... You should probably watch what you say... The Home staff doesn't appreciate any real criticism... You don't want to be treated like the Watch, do you?"

    "chunglo67 wrote:
    right back @ ya bud last time some 1 mensioned "the watch" they got banned"

    The second and third posts were deleted, so Rykuta posted the following in response:

    "PM-Rykuta wrote:
    You should probably watch your language.... You'll be banned for such mean words... And for saying something about a watch apparently.... (But I love my expensive Rolexs, so I will be free to talk about my time-keepers)

    I don't see why they are so afraid to get honest criticisms... To perfect your product, you need criticism from both sides. You don't silence those who give you the tough love for your own good and appraise the enabling masses who don't pipe up about pushing the service to the best of their abilities as much as they do about how much they love the continuous monotony that they keep releasing...

    Update 1.35 was apparently a good fix (by what my girlfriend kept telling me) but every advance cannot be acredited to those who said "i wuv the nu stuf!!" Progress comes from those who realize what's holds one back and what they can REALLY do to work through those issues...

    There's your wisdom for the day. That'll be $5..."

    The first paragraph was deleted by shungokusatsu. Rykuta made another post in the same thread, and it also happens to be the last post he made. Here it is:

    "PM-Rykuta wrote:
    I remember... I was part of the closed beta and was truly excited for the future... Let it be known I was part of the crowd that wanted more stuff alongside the limited selection and I do put in for more outfits... (Even when they're aren't for me.) Thanks for reminding me that I forgot to throw myself under the bus..."

    This post was also edited by shungokusatsu, so there might have been another reference to Home Watch in it. I don't know if he's been banned, but it's a definite possibility.