100+ Free items in EU Home

Written by: Kapow

Just found this thread over in the EU forums listing 142 (I think, I might have lost count a little bit)FREE items. And I noticed a Lot of them you have to pay for over here in the NA (I've actually bought some of them and I've seen others in the stores).
I find this pretty crazy but good for the EU Home users to be able to get All of this stuff for FREE.
Incredible. Items include clothes for men and women and furniture.
This isn't the first time stuff has been in/come over to NA that is pay only that was/is free over in another region. But I was just sort of take aback buy the amount of free stuff they have available.
It's probably triple the amount of free items NA has and I'm not talking about free stuff you earn from mini games and such because in that list mentioned above, you don't have to win any of the items, just hit up the Shopping Center and download them.
Anyhow, I'm downloading them as we speak, and anyone with a European account that hasn't done so yet, I highly recommend you do so soon, you never know when they might want to start charging for these items.


  1. mmm the final fantasy apartment is free in japan i think

  2. you're correct, you have to pay for it in both NA and EU. $5 i think for one room. which is a lot of peoples main bitch point is that it's so much for so little, but i wonder if it's because of what's going on out side of the apartment that makes it's price what it is.

    but still, they should have just made it a free unlock for buying FF13 or something, like they did with Batman: A.A.

  3. EU may have more free items than NA (it just means our trolls are slightly better dressed) but for once I think SCEA has the right idea: make very few items free but most items CHEAP. Yes I know the Lucasarts stuff is expensive but thats probably more to do with old fat neck lucas being GREEDY rather than Sony. The items you have to pay for in EU are more expensive than they are in NA. So really all we are doing (the people that BUY items here)is subsidising the cheapskates that buy nothing, suck up all the freebies and generally bring nothing to home aside from L1 spamming and sexual harassment.

  4. The Final Fantasy apartment is not free in Japan. It was a for a short period of time but now it costs 600 Yen.

    Would have been nice to see this one as a game promo seeing as how it is so small.