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Hey it's me, the head honcho, not zkapowz! =D

Recently it's been brought to my attention that 21 followers isn't that impressive. Darn. Perhaps our traffic reports will make it a bit easier to see what's going on behind the scenes. Here is this months traffic:

Page LoadsUnique VisitorsFirst Time VisitorsReturning Visitors
Total 17,654 6,384 2,844 3,540

Some quick math, it seems more than 1/3 of our traffic are new people. Probably why they went out of their way to censor our url. More than half the people who visit one come back.

More statistics: 38.8% of new people who visit, spend more than an hour reading this blog. Can't get too excited over that though, we do cover a lot of materials. 82.60% of our traffic is in the USA, followed by 12.60% in Canada. Out of the USA, California takes a lead with 14.40% of the traffic. Most links are relayed from the private messages of the Sony Forums, another good reason they attempted to silence us.

This blog has been viewed over 31 thousand times, just since adding the traffic reports. It's unknown what it was prior to that. Best statistic however, is the fact that it makes Home staff angry, childish, and butthurt. It's good to know they are reading this as well as their users, maybe then they could -attempt- to do a good job, rather then what they have been doing.


  1. That is awesome HW! And keep up the good work, Kapow too.

    The Home staff know they are in over their heads, under-qualified and incompetent. That is why they censor the community so much. Pro-tip for the HCMs: Sony is too cheap to hire qualified people so your jobs are safe for now.

  2. 22 followers now. :)

  3. please, we're friends, don't be so formal.
    just call me kapow, the Z's aren't necessary haha

  4. It's hard to tell when zkapowz vs head honcho man are writing articles sometimes. Here I thought kapow had pretty much taken over. Glad to see classic HW is still around and taking names.

  5. nah, i'd say it's about 50/50 now. but i don't even think i have like 40 posts, he has well over 100.

    i told you we should start putting our names on out posts!