Know your MODs: shungokusatsu

Written by: Kapow

I know what some of you are thinking, "what the fuck is this guys name?" followed by "why are you writing about this?" Well, for one, I am bored. And two, his name got brought up while talking to a friend and I remembered what his name really means. Pronounced 'Shun Goku Satsu (Sh-un Go-koo Sah-t-soo) it literally translates to, "Instant Hell Murder." Which is a finishing move of Goki aka Akuma from the Street Fighter series. Now, I'm not going to sit here and rag on this guy (to much) for his screen name because
1.) It's a cool name (better than Kapow, but it's original and I'll tell the story for anyone who wants to hear)
2.) I'm a big Street Fighter fan and
3.) I use Akuma often when playing Street Fighter.
But with that being said, he himself is not cool and from what I've seen and heard, him and his flunkies over at Lithium are all douche bags.

Anyways, I know a lot of you have trouble saying his name and didn't l know what it meant so I thought I'd share this info. with you guys.
Take and do with it what you want.
Oh! and it appears he's quite the gamer with 31 Platinum trophies...but as I was looking through his trophy list I came across 3 platinums which negate what I just said about him being a gamer:

-Hannah Montana: The Movie: The Game (.......riiiiiight. That also negates the cool factor of your screen name)
-Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs
-Terminator Salvation

But here are some fun things you could do:

Next time you get a warning or PM from him or even if he posts in a thread, immediately respond with some sarcastic remark about him murdering someone.
And then tell him to go play Hannah Montana, or, "When's the new Hannah Montana album drop?" or something like that.
I'm sure you guys can think of some other funny, stupid stuff to say or do.

Good luck.

Oh, and enjoy this picture of another apparent douche bag playing Hannah Montana: The Movie: The Game. He'll probably be our next, MOD To Know, so stay tuned.


  1. I never knew what his name meant. That was fun info. I have always recognized his name though.Dudes always modded me kinda well. I got nothing against him. Hana flippin Montana though?! WTF does this guy smoke?


  2. WTF! Terminator Salvation is the most Respected Platinums Ever. Took me a while to platinum it :P

  3. Bahahaha, nero and hannah loool

  4. LOL why does it not suprise me Nero owns and plays this "game" PMSL. Spankie

  5. HAHAHAHHHA, I can't WAIT to drop that on him next time he starts doing the "I'm such a badass mod and I can do whatever I want" routine. MUG.

  6. i have the Terminator Platinum .. Hannah Montana on the other hand is a disaster and will not be anywhere near my PS3

  7. Lmao. I got a platinum in the Hannah Montana game for a segment in a podcast I do. Then again, too, the whole HM thing has been a running gag for me and my friends for a few years.

    But seriously... Which is worse, this guy or that Nero guy?