Let them know how they're doing -- Update

Written by: Kapow

In a recent
thread made by Cydoniax, she asks everyone to participate in a 3 question survey to get a better understanding of what people really think of them (if, Somehow, they didn't already know). So we encourage everyone to take this survey (it takes 1-2 minutes to complete) and tell them how you really feel about them.
Hit the link below to jump to the survey.

Survey no longer exists.


  1. Well I might have a better idea of how they're doing if I could actually read the goddamn forums now. It's completely absurd not being able to use the playstation forums with a playstation since they screwed it all up with these changes. And yes, my PC is fubar, so that's not an option.

  2. I answered "somewhat satisfied" for all three questions. :)

  3. I would suggest you give your honest feedback. Yes, they are coming out and answering questions RIGHT NOW. They still have not addressed a lot of issues of actual substance, so it might behoove you to actually put some real thought into how you answer this survey. Be smart, be safe.

  4. Would love to see the results of this one, lol.

  5. @11:50

    bitrunner here to save the day?

  6. yea, i would suggest people be brutally honest in this survey.

  7. Yeah... completed the survey.
    Was not really impressed with the survey itself.
    Is there a survey for that?

  8. Yeah, the survey is way too brief and not long enough to rip the whole HOME forum or HCM them self apart. Its too vague with the three questions. Why now communicate with us after six months or more hiatus from HOME forum? Why the HCM not participate and have more active engagement with HOME forum users to begin with? I say its too late and too short with the questionnaire and I think Cyd just trying to make a short simple thing so they can let the HOME users to think that they care.

  9. @7:20am (my self)

    As well add more comment to my post about the HOME forum the way it is. There is a saying, "if is not broken, don't fix it..", thus the HOME forum was great to begin with and now I can't even click "Reply" soon enough to reply a Thread. This is outrageous!

  10. CydoniaX's Blog

    "I sell virtual clothing to real nerds. Nerds in the bad sense. People with no lives and very limited intelligence. Seriously! Who would pay money for imaginary clothing and stuff." quote CydoniaX

    Check out her resume!

  11. @ 7:59am

    Holy shit, is that really CydX blogspot and per your quoted comment about how us HOME community member is like with money wasted on virtual items? Wow, that is sad she is pretty much hate HOME while trying to pretend she cares.

  12. It was posted on the HOME forums today and it was quickly taken down. I only saw it because I subscribe to the RSS feed.

    It is sad that we have a disgruntled employee responsible for improving moral.


  13. Wow.

    Wonder what would happen if someone tried posting a link to Cyd's blog on the forums.

  14. Um, something tells me that's not really her blog.

  15. @ Nos

    Yes, if that is what CydX truly is, man, I feel retarded now by buying and wasted my money on virtual items T~T.

  16. Yeah, I thought that too. It seems a little too far-fetched too be true. Crazier things have happened though.

  17. The blog was also taken down. The link is to a snapshot of the blog as it existed in Google's cache as of 12 Feb 2010 20:01:59 GMT

    Obviously I don’t know enough about it to confirm its authenticity, but I do find it curious that when the post was moved on the HOME forums and placed in the ‘Questionable-Posts’ section, it was renamed to “CydoniaX-shows-her-true-colors”

    That is on the official HOME forums and done by Sony employees, so they thought it was authentic or at least merits questionable enough to warrant the title.

  18. @ J-T-W-NY

    If that is not really her blogspot post then how come its taken down in the HOME forum quickly. If its not truly CydX then she would of have step in and commented that its not her blogspot post in the HOME forum. I smell a fish here eventho the CydX blogspot with her resume read funny, but still, wow, if its true, I am not sure if I am gonna buy anything in the near future per her comment about us being the stupid nerd buying virtual stuff or let alone if this is fake, then it truly wakes my self up to not waste money on virtual items.

  19. As stupid and underqualified as many feel the Home staff is, one would have to be extra stupid to create a blogspot such as that one. That is grounds for instant dismissal. No self respecting employer would allow ANYONE to continue on as an employee if someting like that were true. Especially one that is in the public eye as much as Sony.
    Now... not saying that it COULDN'T be... just sayin.

  20. @Annonymous 9:42

    I really don't think she'd use blogspot to post her resume and use it for professional purposes. Now would she list "doing my nails" in her professional resume. Either she's unconscious arrogant or irretrievably stupid.

  21. @Nos

    If someone maliciously republished her blog and made those comments, then why was the original taken down? If someone was out to try to slander me, the last thing I would do is hide. But the opposite seems to be true, and she is scrambling to cover her tracks, obviously too little too late.

    @ Anonymous 9:42

    I agree… either way, it makes you think twice about spending real money on virtual items that don’t really do anything or provide any value.

    @ J-T-W-NY

    or disgruntled and was trying to vent and did not thing it would get back to Sony.

  22. All valid guesses. Anything is possible.
    Just saying - not too sure that Sony would allow this to go on - to allow her to continue on - if they found it to be true. You know?
    After all, Jack's back. And he's reading forums and blogs, checking out podcasts and websites.
    They watching everything we do, and orchestrating every move we make. Home is their game, we are the characters, and they are writing the story as it unfolds. How's that for conspiracy?
    (TM), btw. Rights to the movie hereby belong to Nosdrugis.

  23. The page was fake, but the resume was real. There was once a time when she had that publicly listed on linkedin.

  24. At least, I'm assuming the page is fake. I am by far too lazy to get a good look at it. The resume I've seen first hand on a legitimate website that many Sony employees post their resumes.

  25. sorry to spoil all the fun, but i can confirm that blog is fake. and it's also pretty old. i guess some of you haven't been reading here to long but if you do some hardcore searching, you can see that fake Cyd has posted comments here in the past.

  26. I just tried looking for the fake Cydonia's comments when I stumbled upon a comment by CRUNKRIS calling BuggieTechnica a bastard. What exactly happened there?

  27. some stalker already posted this CydoniaX info

    CydoniaX = Heidi Anspaugh = HizzleD








  28. I wonder if Sony knows that CydoniaX is HizzleFuckingD ? lol

    Keep it classy Sony!

  29. aww l00k its baby cyd

  30. soo why is the survey closed....?

  31. God bless children, use fucking nslookup on the IP it's a personal IP address. It's a fake, a funny fake, but a fake.

  32. They sure closed this survey pretty quickly, hm?