LMAO! (Literally)

Written by: Kapow

This has Nothing to do with Home at all but it's hilarious and I want the world to see it. It
is Sony related though.


  1. Spent several minutes trying to catch my breath after watching this vid. :)

  2. you do realize this video is like really really old... still funny though

  3. @Anon,

    it's my first time seeing it. i guess i'm late.

  4. is this true?

    sorry for the long url but it can be bvisited only from the google cache, original site is: http://pshomewrecker.blogspot.com/

  5. this is the text:
    "Hi Interwebs! I am Heidi Anspaugh, aka CydoniaX, and I am a Home wrecker.
    I don't know how I got a job managing one of the largest virtual communities on this planet but I did. Did I have experience managing other 3D virtual communities? Not really. I did write a lot of articles for spare change. I can edit a web page. I guess I was just lucky. Some people say that I am not even a community manager. This is a fair point. My primary role is to promote other titles for the Playstation. Next I sell virtual clothing to real nerds. Nerds in the bad sense. People with no lives and very limited intelligence. Seriously! Who would pay money for imaginary clothing and stuff. My boss doesn't want me managing a community. That takes time and energy and doesn't make Sony much money. I mean it would with the right community manager and mission but not in this virtual world. Thank goodness Sony is run by morons! lol
    Anyway here I am, queen of my little world. Watch me run it into the virtual ground!"

  6. That was a fake blog. I guess Sony got to whoever posted it because it was deleted. I heard that the resume and pictures on there are true except for the part about work at Sony.

    CydX clearly hates the community but she's not so stupid as to post that herself.

  7. lol, that blog is funny. look at this version in the cache:

  8. LOL

    I do love The Onion. Best post ever.