Monkey Island Costumes coming soon

Written by: Kapow

Lucas Arts announced at GDC that Monkey Island costumes will soon be headed to PlayStation Home.


  1. Now you to can spend large ammounts of money, since its Lucas Arts, to look like a pirate dropout. LOL. Who am I kidding, I know i will buy some of this. At the same time I just dont see the big deal about this. i guess it shows Lucas Arts is showing their going to truly be supporting Homea and their new store in the mall.


  2. well since your mentioning lucas arts im going to point out some really nerdy things that annoyed me

    1. i think Lucas arts could have made the source of the black light saber a little more clear because i had no idea it was from some of the new books & i thought they were just pulling some crap out of their asses until a friend of mine told me that

    2. the mutt costume should have giant shoes because shia labeouf (the guy who played mutt)has 1 giant foot & in most movies he's in they have him ware an oversized shoe on his smaller foot so people don't notice it nice as it is that some1 tought to give fem avs a costume male av have there are technichally no female storm troopers because they are all clones of jango fett & i think they could have just as easily made a boba fett costume for both instead since lea stole his outfit to bust out han solo

  3. If Lucasarts makes Sam & Max costumes *THEN* I will drool all over my keyboard. :D

  4. Forget Sam & Max, give us some Grim Fandango costumes. :)

  5. I just want some freakin female costumes that are actually FEMALE costumes in that freakin LucasArts store! It's driving me absolutely bonkers that three updates in, we girls haven't gotten a single classic Star Wars or Indiana Jones character's costume! All we got was a female stormtrooper, which doesn't even exist in the Star Wars mythology as has already been explained, and some stupid character no one has ever heard of. Where's Leia? Where's Queen Amidala/Padme? Where's Marion? Where's the blonde chick from Temple of Doom whose name I can never remember? Hell, what about that meanie Russian chick played by Cate Blanchett in the new (horrendously awful) Indiana Jones movie?!
    Come on, Lucas, give us ladies something!!!! Or has the Home management's poor opinion & miserable treatment of women become contagious and infected you all too?

    *sigh* So frustrating. I hate being treated like a second class citizen because of my gender. I thought we'd made progress in Home, I thought we'd moved past this. Apparently, not so much. Apparently, there's a virtual glass ceiling too. Seriously, who in their right mind thinks that women aren't going to be perfectly willing, happy, and immediately ready to spend money on CLOTHES?!


  6. "We've heard you loud and clear"

    ...But our heads are so far up our asses, all we hear anymore is the sound of our shit, so we're just gonna keep doing our own thing. Oops.

  7. And before anyone says it, must... resist... cliché...

    "My name is Guybrush Threepwood and I'm a mighty pirate!"