PlayStation.Blog Meetup; How it went for most -- [UPDATE]

Written by: Kapow

"The lobby is full. The lobby is full. The lobby is full. The lobby is full. The lobby is full. The lobby is full. The lobby is full. The lobby is full." -- You get the idea.
It appears if you're not an "elite", "power user", "leet" (or whatever you want to call them), or have one on your friends list, then you needn't have bothered attempting to fight your way into Screen Room 6. I even have some "power users" (I think that's the official term for leets) on my friends list and by the time I was able to make it into the apparent room where the Special Guests were, they were gone -- along with the code to download the special belt GlassWalls was sporting in the picture that was on the PS.Blog (and also a few articles down, here).
You see, what they forgot to mention was, they would be giving out a code (a single code I believe) that had a certain amount times it could be used until it was rendered void, much like past events. Except in those events, there were multiple codes throughout a longer period of time. You know, so people would actually have a chance to get the reward.
After little while in Screen Room 6, the Official Guests moved on to the Central Plaza to hang out for the remainder of the event.

Now, the main reasons I think people are upset are:

  • 1.) People thought, "Everyone who shows up to Screen Room 6 will automatically be rewarded the special belt." Which is perfectly understandable because that's the impression they gave off on the PS.Blog when they were talking about it. They didn't say, "Those lucky enough to have power users on their friends list AND jump to them before the lobby fills up AND write down the code, log off Home, go to the PS Store and download it before it expires!. . . Will receive said belt."
  • 2.) They never said they would be moving on to the Central Plaza before hand. So unless you follow @SonyPlaystation on Twitter, you wouldn't have known that they moved on to the Central Plaza an hour after the event started. So those that really wanted the belt buckle and hung out for the full 2 hours in Screen Room 6, spent an extra our in there for nothing. If you didn't know about that before reading this, you might be upset now.
  • So with 1 & 2, users now feel left out and cheated, which is perfectly understandable.
I, myself, tried jumping to a few friends who were able to get into the "Special" instance but was not successful until after the Special Guests had already moved on. So once I got in and learned about the code (which had already been used up within one hour, maybe less) and watched the Whole video that was playing, I left Home. Even though I knew there was a chance I could catch them in the Central Plaza. Oh, and watching the full video that was playing in Screen Room 6 will net you a free shirt with a platinum trophy on the front and "" written on the back. Which they also neglected to even mention that you can get a free shirt and how to get it. At least you folks now know, if you didn't already.

So another event bites the dust. There's got to be a better way to do these kinds of things where it'll be somewhat fair to everyone. I mean, I understand that Special Guests can't be in every single instance, but the least they could do is make item give aways available to everyone who wasted their time on said event.
Hopefully the belt will become available to download and hopefully it will remain free. Hopefully a lot of people will bitch about it (like I'm doing now) so that it'll happen. Hopefully...


Hopefully you speak the truth, Mr. Rubenstein.

And for those of you that don't know, No, that is not our official Twitter account. Just another fan. We don't have an official Twitter account, but we appreciate his or her effort.


  1. also, R.I.P. Jun Seba aka Nujabes

    :'( his music is amazing and insipring and has nothing to do with Home but still..

  2. Hi Kapow, I saw you come in at the very end and were standing at the stage looking stunned at the events.

    I too thought that everyone who attended would receive the belt buckle and whatever else they offered. I was under that impression. I got the codes from one of my friends but they were maxed out almost immediately.

  3. yea i saw you there too, sorry i didn't say hi. saw TwilightVenom also, he sort of inspired me to write this, although i didn't expect to write so much lol.

  4. TwilightVenom and I comisserated for a bit, up until I was involved in three conversations at once and had to leave. Thanks for posting the pic of the cool belt buckle. At least I can see what I'm missing. How many people who were not at the event managed to get that? And, I asked on the forums, how many exactly were available? They ran out awfully fast.

  5. you got in kind of early, didn't you? and you still weren't able to get the code. i also saw a few HCVs there, along with CamronTard.

  6. I got in right about 8pm Eastern time and joined my friend CruzCorp. Yes, CamronGirl was there as well as Conrad_Max, Art of Ronin, the Lochwoods, among others. I stayed until the discussion ended and even received the T shirt.

  7. This code was posted in the forum and still works. I got my belt buckle with it: 4gtt-c3bc-e8ne

    Enter it here:

  8. it's been all used up, i missed my chance because i was in class. oh well, i hope osmeone else got some use out of it.
    by the way, what's with all the different colored names now?

  9. Wow... over a year and the Home management team STILL can't properly manage an event. They fail both from a process perspective as well as not designing a good cross instance event system. Knowing that their technology is not sufficient should prompt them to at least design a fair manual event registration and award delivery process. But noooo... these people are far too lazy to actually manage the community events.

    I am just continually amazed at the incompetence exhibited by the Home management team at all levels. How can you go to work every morning knowing that you are doing such a bad job.

    Is this too harsh? I don't think so.

  10. Wow that's me in the pic ^_^, i chased them for an hour then i got my code... this kind of events are very very unfair, if you aren't in the "GW's elite" friend list then you won't get anything, i could get my code because i was lucky but i'm not one of those "special" members, if i manage to become a HCV i'll try to help the REAL community in these kind of events :P

  11. oh, a tip: "if you see that Camworegirl just follow her, she seems to be their mascot, she is with them but apart you know what i mean? if you follow her it would be easier because of that ^_^

  12. How should they run a better event? Here are a few ideas I had that night while talking to people.

    1) Each instance is extremely limited to a small number of visitors. Because of that, you're always going to end up with a problem when dealing with "special guests" - for each user you've pleased by giving them access to these special guests, you have at least five other users who are pissed off. If they don't do something to fix that and ensure that more users can actually participate, these events are always going to end up ticking off more people than they please. Therefore, negative buzz, not positive buzz.
    So what do they do? Well I'm not a technical expert, but here are a few ideas.
    Create a specific event space, light on design and complex details, built temporarily on a stronger server/bandwidth platform so that for a short, limited time frame, it can support more users per instance than another average space.
    If that's not possible, than find out some way to broadcast copies of each special guest's avatar across multiple instances, with a moderator who can harvest questions from the users in each instance and then present them to the guests.
    There's got to be some way around this instance issue. Again, I'm not a technical expert. These are just a few ideas. But surely, they need to think about this stuff, because the fact that they don't leads to more problems than benefits.

    2) These special prizes, they shouldn't be code-based. When they're based on codes, you're only introducing the opportunity for favoritism and corruption. And again, for each person who does get the prize, you have many more who didn't but worked just as hard to get it. Yet again, for as much positive buzz as you get out of it, you get five times as much negative buzz.
    So instead, how about you set the prize up to be an automatic download to anyone who visits the specific space involved in the event, limited to the duration of the event itself. That way anyone who shows up to the event during the event's time frame automatically gets the prize, and no one else. That way no one can get the code and PM it to friends who haven't even bothered to show up and invest their time in the event itself, thus robbing others who actually participated of the prize they earned. Seems pretty simple, right? Automatic download to anyone who shows up to the event space during the event's scheduled time frame.

    3) CO-FREAKING-MMUNICATE! So many of these problems would be utterly avoided if they'd actually communicate properly. Instead, they communicate using vague, pointless PR-Buzz-speak, which does nothing to inform, but sure does a helluva lot of damage in the end. It hypes people up for things that often don't even exist. It confuses people as to what they need to do to participate, what they need to do to get the free items, or hell, if there even are free itemS at all, or just one stupid pair of jeans that don't fit properly.
    So much of this could be avoided all together if they had people in charge who could actually communicate worth a damn. Instead, they have "technology evangelists" in charge of a social network - that's like putting advertising executives in charge of a company, then being surprised when you don't get anything serious done. Oh, but you sure will have a lot of buzz about the absolutely nothing substantial you've accomplished!
    Therefore, is it really all that surprising that all we get is advertising-speak about these events, but not a lot of actual information or content? Is it all that surprising that when they tell us about events, they sure make it exciting, but don't give us a lot of concrete details?
    Surprise, surprise. It's because they're evangelists, not planners, not developers, not designers. They're just evangelists. Mr Buser's word, not mine.

  13. to 2.)what if u wurk at dat time?? wouldnt it b unfair?