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Has anyone noticed that Locust_Star is literally the only person that doesn't use a real name when posting on the PS.Blog? What's that all about? If someone else uses a screen name when posting on the PS.Blog please, enlighten me. But I can't think of one other person who does that. It sort of screams unprofessional to me. Like, who is he that he needs to remain "anonymous"? Every post about Home always gets low ratings, with the exception of core updates, and no one (who posts about Home) uses their real name but Jack. No one in the gaming world takes Home seriously already but to use your fantasy name when making official posts about it isn't going to help its reputation any.

Just a though.


  1. "no one uses their real name but Jack" does that not answer your question yourself?

  2. Why don't you use your real name Kapow?

  3. i cleared it up a little,

    "and no one (who posts about Home) uses their real name but Jack."

    as in, 2 people post about Home on the PS.Blog, one uses a screen name (locust) and one uses his real name (jack).

  4. i tell you what, when i start getting payed for this shit i'll start using my real name. when Home-Watch becomes a big company, i'll use my real name.

    how's that sound?

  5. Kapow Wrote: "i tell you what, when i start getting payed for this shit i'll start using my real name. when Home-Watch becomes a big company, i'll use my real name."

    No - I don't think that's the reason. I think the reason you don't use your real name is that you value your privacy: isn't that a more accurate statement?

  6. i suppose there's some truth to that, i mean, you yourself are using an anonymous screen name.

    but, if i was really getting paid and i felt it was worth while or appropriate to use my real name, then i would use it.
    or even if i Wasn't getting paid, if i felt it was necessary to use my real name, i'd use it. apparently my name is pretty common so it's not like you fuckers would get my whole life story off of just a name.

  7. HomeWatch: Semi-journalistic blog
    Home: million dollar business
    HomeWatch: Blog operated for free
    Home: ps3 program that requires micro-transactions in order to dress and decorate
    HomeWatch: Run by a handful of fans
    Home: Run by employees of Sony, a billion dollar corporation spanning every country in the globe.
    HomeWatch: Dissects Home free of charge
    Home: censors critics
    HomeWatch: asks questions
    Home: ignores questions
    HomeWatch: doesn't owe the public anything
    Home: owes it's users the knowledge of who's salary they are paying for.


  8. Here's a take on why Jack uses his real name;
    Maybe he didn't even have a PSN account. Maybe he never played online games or anything of the sort. Maybe he never even accessed a PS3 that was hooked up online. Most of us created out PSN ID names because we played online or needed to download something online or whatever. We all have suspicions that the much of Sony PlayStation staff that work on Home stuff haven't even accessed Home, let alone use it on a regular basis.

    Here's another take;
    Maybe the PSN ID "JackBuser" isn't really Jack at all! It could be a Sony stand-in! hahaha

  9. Just to add:
    We ALL use our PSN ID's when we play online, go on Home, post on the boards, whatever. Very VERY few PSN users actually use their real names.

  10. 1 person who posts about Home uses their real name
    1 person who posts about Home does not.

    there for its 50/50 in relation to using your name or not. stupid topic...

  11. @anon 11:08
    it's ok if you don't understand what the post is about, we still love you.


  12. @Anonymous 11:08
    One person works for Sony.
    One person doesn't.

    The HCMs could learn a thing or two from other PlayStation Blog posters, especially people like Scott Hyman. He left 65 replies to comments on his latest blog post, which is more than I can say for most of the posters.
    Jeff Rubenstein occasionally does a decent job of replying to comments as well.

  13. Link to Scott Hyman's blog post:

  14. It's a little unnerving, but I don't think it's much to worry about. Jack is the head-honcho of the US branch, and it also seems that he's the public face of Home when journalists do interviews. Locust and Cydonia are staff, but they aren't exactly the "public face" from a business perspective. While it would seem more professional and fit in with the PS Blog if they actually used their real names, I think it would further send that message of "we're not real PS3 users, we're just screen names behind a desk". At least that's what I think.

    Besides, it shouldn't be too hard to use process of elimination on who Locust really is. At the end of most recent SCEA 1st party titles, they put the names of like five or six Home staff. We already know who three of them are (one of them recently, thanks to that episode of The Tester). The rest is just research! Although they've probably made it harder to track them down after the Cyd/Buggie uncovering last summer.

  15. Buggie used his real name, but we all know what happened to him.

  16. Everyone knows who CuntugliaX is so why doesn't she use her real name?

  17. i love the way when someone doesnt agree with Kapow, he tries to belittle them...

  18. whaaat? but i said we loved him... :(