PS Home Update, 3/10

Written by: Kapow
  • Luxury Race Box personal space
  • Ark of The Covenant Indian Jones personal space
  • Final Fantasy XIII content (the free personal space from Japan, [don't know if it'll remain free for NA] furniture and maybe some clothes)
  • A 'sale' on some personal spaces, some bundles. (Summer House, Log Cabin, Wizards Den, Post-Apocalypse Killzone 2 space, and Deadquarters.)
  • Free The Tester item as well as paid for items
  • Indian Jones stuff
  • 2 New weapons for the Salt Shooter game (available for Purchase in the Sodium store in the Mall)
and that's about it, other than the 1.35 patch that's also coming.

1 comment:

  1. lmao. Salt Shooter DLC.

    Hope the FF13 space is free though. There's supposed to be furniture to go along with it, too. Definitely checking that out.