PS Home Update, 3/17

Written by: Kapow

A bit late posting this this week but here it is:

  • Musicality personal space finally makes it's way to NA
  • Tropical Apartment personal space

  • New inFamous costumes and ornaments
  • Resistance costumes and ornaments
  • Twisted Metal costumes and ornaments
  • Meet "Luge" and "Doc", from The Tester, tonight (6pm-7pm PT, 9pm-10pm EST) in the Theater, screening room 8
  • PlayStation Blog meetup in the Theater (I'm guessing in the lobby) tomorrow night from 5pm-7pm PT, 8pm-10pm EST. There will be an "exclusive" PS Move video and a free belt buckle involved (which, I must say, looks kind of cool, see picture below).

PlayStation Home - PlayStation.Blog Buckle/Jeans Exclusive item

Click here to view full details of tomorrow's update.


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