PS Home Update, 3/24

Written by: Kapow

  • Assassins Creed public space
  • The Alien vs. Predator costumes and items (yea, that's right. all you douche bags who doubted me and said they wouldn't come can EAT IT. Maybe you should listen next time.) They're only going to be around until the end of April so get 'em while they're hot.
  • SingStar VIP Room opening up in the SingStar public space

  • "Anime" personal space (ok this is NOT anime related. it's more cyberpunk then anything. so Anime buffs, don't be fooled.)
  • Pharaoh's Tomb personal space
  • An update to the Irem Beach space; Treasure Hunt mini-game will be updated with more items to find.
That's about it. For the full run down of what's to come tomorrow click this.

PlayStation Home Assassin's Creed HideoutPlayStation Home Assassin's Creed TerminalPlayStation Home Egypt 1PlayStation Home Egypt 2PlayStation Home Anime 1PlayStation Home Anime 2


  1. The AC public space is an absolute joke. First once you gather the code to enter the hideout be prepared to spend alot of time trying to access the terminal (do these guys ever think before they develop anything?) if that wasn't bad enough once you do get into the hideout be prepared to reset your ps3 because you will freeze, I froze 3 times in a row before I just said fug it! I was really looking forward to this space and all it turned out to be is one huge disappointment. Another gold turd for the home team!

  2. I bought all the new SOCOM FTB ornaments. Best money I ever spent. Guns, guns, guns!

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