PS Home Update, 3/3

Written by: Kapow

New Star Wars and Indiana Jones stuff

The IREM Beach

2 personal spaces, Yacht and Seaside Masion

some Tester crap

a Yoda statue in CP

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  1. Yay Irem Beach, fuckings to that fake ass show with paid actors The Tester, indifference to those personal spaces with not a thing to do in them.

    Meh to looking like Shia Labeouf, I think I'll pass girls.

  2. The girl in the shark hatMarch 4, 2010 at 2:37 AM

    I am glad we're finally getting the Irem beach. The rest of the update is pretty dull but I think the beach makes up for it.

  3. I'm getting the "There has been a problem downloading content" message. woot woot

  4. OH, and it's nice to see TrepieOmega posting as "the girl in the shark hat" today. Thank you for visiting...

  5. Have not even accessed Home since before the update :(