Represent Home Watch

Written by: Kapow

For you pro Home Watch folks out there, use our signature in the forums you frequent. Spread the word:

This one can be used in any forum EXCEPT Lithium.

This one is safe to use in the Lithium forums. You will Not get in trouble for using it, as it does not include the dreaded URL to this site (which Lithium considers a curse word).

Keep on fighting, don't let them scare you......I just thought of something..the staff over at the Lithium forums are almost like terrorists, trying to scare you to conform to what they think is right. If you don't use our signature, the terrorists win ;).

But for real, don't let them scare you, but at the same time, be smart.


  1. also if you want to voice any concerns about how bad Home is being managed please contact CydoniaX at:

  2. and then have them deleted with no response :p

  3. Exchanges like above is why I love this site so dearly.

  4. Also send pictures of large black cocks

  5. I think it should be banned for lack of creativity. Gees, that sucks.