If you are coming to this blog due to the incoming shit storm we have prepared for Sony & the crybabies at Lithium, welcome.

I am writing this as a bit of a mini-faq for the press or anyone else interested in censorship. Our missions statements can be seen in the right column of this blog. Simple, average stuff that anyone would want when paying for a service. What ended up happening is we have caused so much of a stir on the forums that they have attempted to hide our existence as much as humanly possible.

Originally the first wave was when people started linking us in their signatures. Their excuse: "bad language." At that time there was only one bad word on the entirety of the blog, which was a blog tag labeled "bullshit." Even after removing this, they still wouldn't allow people to link in their signatures. So users began to circumvent this by just pasting the address on their signature images. This too was thwarted with extreme prejudice. If anyone posted a link on the forums, even without knowing that this blog is heavily disliked by Sony, the post was deleted and the users warned or banned.

However this wasn't the end, as one of our staff sent one of the head Home staff a link to one of our blog posts, asking a simple question. "Is this allowed?" I guess a light bulb went off in their heads when they realized that the url to a Home criticism blog could easily be relayed via the forums' private message system. As can be seen in our previous post, they have taken measures to prevent this. Which is just as easy to circumvent as any of their other measures to censor their critics.

We have embarrassed Sony/Home many, many times. We have exposed them for everything from covering up rape threats, to exposing the fact that their forums are run by off duty school bus drivers.

So I am asking the fans/viewers of this blog to help show the egg-on-face censorship of Sony. I ask that you submit this blog post to some of the more respected video game journalism groups. And by respected I mean not IGN, Gamespot, Gamespy, or Yahoo! Games. More along the lines of sites that don't worry about how Sony might revoke their advertising. Sites such as Destructoid, 1up, Kotaku, or Joystiq.

Edit: as of March 13th, 2010 they have gone out of their way to censor the relay url as well:


  1. hmmm start a war with sony...but they make me so happy!

  2. i've actually submitted home-watch to Joystiq and Kotaku a few times already in the past. but no harm in trying again.

  3. Have you guys considered creating an EncyclopediaDramatica entry on Playstation Home?

    It's like wikipedia, but for internet drama. Tons of people read it every day.

  4. I try to stay as far away from Encyclopedia Dramatica as possible.

  5. We will no longer support this blog, or any blog of its likeness. If we catch anymore of our members posting here they will be ex-communicated from the collective.

  6. @ "The Homelings" << so lame...

    First of all, Homelings do not "ex-communicate". We are not a religious organization or anything like that. The poster above is obviously NOT a true Homeling, as we do not dictate where our members may or may not post. That's it and that's all. Any future postings by "The Homelings" on this or any other blog should not be taken as words of ANY Homeling.
    If by chance the individual using the name "The Homelings" is found to be a Homeling and continues to speak for Homelings as a whole, said individual will be suspended from Homelings.

  7. Homelings are fags anyway. Good riddance. Don't let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya!


  8. Oh, sorry, thought that was a Homeling post.

  9. Wait a minute now... are you "The Homelings" or are you "Everyone"?

  10. Nos wants everyone to be a homeling.

  11. @5:57p - Obvious troll is obvious.

    Nos has been contributing on the comments here for a while now and he's a good guy.

  12. NOS writes: "If by chance the individual using the name "The Homelings" is found to be a Homeling and continues to speak for Homelings as a whole, said individual will be suspended from Homelings."

    Excommunication means being suspended from membership of an organization. How is that not excommunication?

  13. This is neither really here nor there but, the Webster's English Dictionary (Canadian) states the defintion as follows:
    excommunicate vt
    "to bar from association with a church; to exclude from fellowship"
    Not that it's an exclusively religious word (although the word's origin is christian based), just not crazy about the religious undertones.
    @ Anonymous 11:18 PM - indeed.

  14. wowwwwwwwwwwww

  15. hi everyone.

    1 thing that i hate from ps forums is that we can't look on the ps3 browser. it gets cut-off when you are looking @ posting, replying and pictures. they say its sony should update their browser. why we can't fully look on the ps forums on ps3 browser. playstation 3 and playstation forums its sony playstation family and yet ps3 and forums aren't a family, playstation sux. wish there was a ps3 browser forums then playstation forums.


  17. wow..... :( .....kateralldamage was here
    why so serious ???
    if you were to die right now
    would you or anything you, have ever done or ever said{typed} even......matter???
    would it even be remembered...say in a week???
    life on Earth could wink out and the universe would not even flinch..let alone care how !you!..hated a group of gamers..
    The Anonymous are only strong in the shadows..because when light is shed on their hate they are seen for the evil they represent..