Twitter and Facebook support for Home coming..some day

Written by: Kapow

Sony has confirmed that it will soon be updating Playstation Home to allow you to update either your Facebook or Twitter account directly from Home, with status messaging relating to in-game Home material.

As reported from IGN, the updates will allow you to share your accomplishments on Home, with friends around the world on your other social media accounts.

For example, when you complete a mini game whilst in home, or play a game of chess with a pal for example, PS3 Home will be able to send an instant message to your Facebook or Twitter with a corresponding message.

No word on when this plugin will be available.

Can't say this is a bad thing, but I also can't say I want Home sending status updates to my Facebook or Twitter every time I watch a video, play pool, bowl, play Saucer Pop, etc.. Hopefully there will be different categories you can check saying, "Yes, send notification when doing ____" or, "when___happens" and vis versa. It would suck if turns out to be like how the PS Store works with Facebook, asking you if you want to send information to Facebook every-single-time you download something. If that's the case, I'll be leaving that option turned *Off* (hopefully we'll have that option and it won't be something forced upon us).


  1. How about a picture. Make it where I can post a picture of me running man on some chick direct to my facebook. That would be swell.


    lol can i haz link

  3. because we all know that better facebook and twitter integration is far more important and of a greater priority to everyone than the actual fixes demanded in the forums...

  4. loled at anon 3/22 9:35PM
    R i i i ght. They will get right on those fixes after you buy a new t-shirt.


  5. i laughed at all three of you.

    good stuff. oh ya, OOHH ya. oh ya. oooh ya. oh ya.

  6. ( Home Users )Hey Sony can we have Voice chat back

    ( Sony ) hmmm how about Facebook and Twitter Integration !

    ( Home Users ) umm we don't really want that

    ( Sony ) Consider it done your getting the Home Facebook And Twitter Integration In Home !

    ( Home Users ) * facepalm *

  7. I think the facebook and twitter connectivity is a good thing. Voice chat also important. Why don't they give us voice chat again?