UK Update

Our friends back in the UK have more for us! Here's an e-mail they sent to us, regarding the same moderator's abuse back in November of 2009:

Dear SCEE,

I wish to make a formal complaint about the moderator AKA_NERO and to appeal against this ban. I did nothing wrong aside from express the opinion that the standard of moderation on Playstation Home is inconsistent. Another user was also present who was insulting to myself, FORKLESS, but I noticed he was a friend of AKA_NERO's and therefore no action or warning was given to this user. In fact NERO pointed out to me that Forkless was a voluteer for SCEE. Does that mean he is ammune from the terms and conditions that are applicable to the rest of the home community and they can say and behave how they please?

Frankly, I think behaviour like this is unfair and on NERO's part extremely unprofessional and it just reinforces my opinion that moderators do get it wrong. I was under the impression that Moderators are actually paid employees of SCEE and there to do a job, not to socialise with friends and have groups of favourite users who they turn a blind eye to when they are being offensive to other users? The TEXT & VERBAL ABUSE cited below I find quite laughable as I did not verbally abuse anyone who was present, despite NERO calling me a "troll" and saying he wanted to "facepalm" me. I want this matter reviewed and this ban over turned because I was unaware that having an opinion (Moderators on home dont do a good job) is against the terms and conditions so I havent breached the terms and conditions. NERO's unprofessional behaviour however has done nothing but tarnish the reputation of SCEE. I look forward to your prompt response and if it is not to my satisfaction I will be taking it further with senior Sony computer entertainment executives and possibly even the national press.

kind regards

[name removed]
And here's SCEE's reply. Sounds very similar to the halfassed bullshit excuses they give in America:

Dear Julian,

Let me start by reassuring you that we do not show favouritism to any users. Whether they are volunteers, friends, family or other. Everyone has to adhere to the same policies we've set up within SCEE. Our volunteers are even more susceptible to this as they have to set the example with their behaviour for other users.

I have further investigated the matter you raised and have found that the Moderator aka_Nero has acted according to our standards. The challenging behaviour you expressed towards other users, including Forkless, was wholly unacceptable. It was at this time the moderator aka_Nero explained to you that your behaviour falls under the header 'Trolling', which is a breach of our terms and conditions. He asked you to mind the language you were using, which you ignored.

Further more he explained to you, in detail, that we do not show favouritism within our moderation policies and it was at this point you decided to personally verbally attack the Moderator aka_Nero and other Moderators in general, thus ignoring the warning to be mindful of your language. It was also at this point the Moderator aka_Nero 'facepalm'ed' (himself). I have spoken to him about this and this will not be happening again. I regret that lapse of professional behaviour and I hope you will accept my apologies in this.

If however you find that people, including moderators, are offensive, you can make use of the tools within Home that allow you to report a grief. Which will then be looked at and acted on accordingly. No one is above our policies, although in this case, the moderator in question has acted accordingly.

I hope I have answered your question fully and that you'll understand we will not be overturning your suspension which will end on the 25th of November.

Kind regards,


Vincent Boon
Community Team Leader
+44 (0)20 7859 5541
Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Limited
So it seems this mod has been at it for a while. Also, we are all so sick to death of these double standards in Home. One user gets away with something, others don't. Usually the ones getting away with abusing other users are clinging to moderator scrotum so tight they might as well be a third nut. The fact that this user couldn't express their opinion under fear of retribution is an outrage.


  1. I asked for a copy of aforementioned conversation that was "investigated" by Mr Boon for proof of my unacceptable language. I got no further response. Julian.

  2. LOL third nut


  3. i bet the reply was from aka_Nero hahaha