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  1. A horse walks into a bar. The bartender says, "So, why the long face?"

  2. This was the text from BitRunner's post before it was deleted. It was in a thread called "Dating Disasters and Successes in Home". I copied it before it was deleted:

    Alright, fair enough, I'll share.

    If anyone out there knows who I'm talking about, just know it, shut up about it (if you're on my Friends List and have read my PSN comment, just keep it to yourself, I only need my friends to know so they don't buy into any damage control she frequently does to isolate people), there's no need to drag names through the mud, it's not going to resolve anything anyway, this girl is never going to change she's a pathological liar.

    Writing is therapy though, that's the reason I'm writing this, and to explain a big part of why I'm leaving the HCV program. I'll just try and keep names out of this. :P If you guys think this is a bit unprofessional, hey, sorry, it's one of the ways I have to work through this and move on.

    Anyways, so my ex from a few months back I was with for 7 years, I'll refer to her as Alpha. We broke up after I found out she cheated on me with a 20y/o WoW player in October. I had some things that were my fault too in that relationship, we'll leave it at that. She actually was a pretty cool girl though and I wouldn't mind being her friend again but now it may be a little late, I'll get into all that later.

    So about a week later, I got up some guts and told a girl I knew in Home that I had a crush on her (before you guys say rebound, nyaaaaaa). I'll refer to her as Omega. We started talking, she wanted to meet me IRL a few months down the road, I was cool with that. A few weeks later her cat dies, she calls me up crying, I had a cat that I had for 18 years that died recently and I knew her pain. So, I said hey why don't I fly up there we can hang out as friends? Quivering and crying she said yes, so I booked travel.

    So I get up there, as a friend, we hang out the first day. Things went really great, she was a lot of fun to hang with. The second night, Alpha starts harassing me on the phone. I tell her to leave me alone and never call me again. After that, Omega and I went out for a few drinks, didn't get trashed though. Came back, she started playing with my hair (which is a big weakness for me lol), I told her to stop that I might try and kiss her, I didn't come up there for that I came as a friend. She insisted though, "One kiss won't hurt anyone."

    One kiss ended up nearly destroying me.

    Within minutes, we ended up going all the way. It was pretty wild I gotta say. I don't need to go really any farther than that. Everything happened too quickly though, and she made me believe it was right. It was like something straight out of a romance novel. We exchanged I love you's too quickly though which should have been a real sign. I should have left it at what it was, and walked away and let her down easy, but I didn't. Now I know what to do in the future. When I was getting ready to leave, I told her I wanted it to be more than just a weekend fling, she told me she wanted to take it slow. I was ok with that, but that ended up going nowhere fast.

    Within a few weeks, she wasn't calling me much anymore on Skype, or saying hi a lot like she was before.

    For the rest of this story I'm just going to refer to myself as #3 out of definitely 6 but a possible 7.

  3. (part 2)
    She told me she was going to a class reunion in mid-November with a friend (#2). That's when she really started acting distant. I told her over text, wow, you just don't seem that interested in me, I'm cool with it, we can leave it at this. Nope, that wasn't good enough for her. Crying and sobbing, she told me she loved me and that I was the only man in her life. She told me #2 was married. I found out a week later this was not the case, #2 and I talked. He told me to get out, he told me he wanted to marry her. He told me about #1 who she was with just a week prior to the reunion. I should have gotten out, but I didn't. She told me she had a romantic connection with me and only wanted him as a friend, that #1 was just a lie he was a stalker who cheated on her previously and she broke it off and he didn't get the hint, she was confused about who she really wanted to be with between me and #2, she cried and seemed sincere about screwing up, so I still let her come down in late November to figure out who she really wanted to be with. Yes, I was that dumb friends. Love is blind. She introduced me to her clan where I would later find that she met #4 (we'll get to him later), and a possible #7.

    So she came down on a 19 hour train ride (she's scared of flying), we had a great weekend, she came onto me again so well... I caved. She let me know that she wanted to be with me and loved me, and she changed her story from #2 being a friend to a stalker who was ruining her previous relationships and wouldn't let her go. #6 was a mutual friend of ours, and someone I highly respected from the forums here way back (no, not JiggyTeddy, let's get that out of the way), who is married and has 2 children. He was just a friend, I was cool with it. #5 was another mutual friend of ours who used to post on this forum, they went to go see a concert in December as friends, I was cool with it.

    I was jealous with how quickly Alpha lost weight before our breakup. I wanted to work out, lose a few lbs, look good for Omega. That was a mess though, the vitamins I ended up taking made me OD on B1 which will turn you into an insomniac and cause some crazy dizzy spells, that combined with all of the emotional stress I went through nearly killed me, I thought I was dying of cancer (I lose 20lbs in a month wow). The day I found out in December that the pills were doing that, I stopped taking them immediately, and my body went into shock and I ended up in the hospital. That was the week I was supposed to see her next, so I had to put it off until January. Her and I got in some crazy fights while I was sick, I was onto her the whole time but I can't prove it, and I just wanted closure that she would never give me, or else she needed to start changing, but neither was going to happen. I called her out on being an abuser, an isolator, a controller, an orchestrator of lies. She flipped on me, that's the point that she *says* she stopped loving me on yesterday, but I don't there ever was any love.

    In January, she told me she broke it off with #1 and #2, and got those stalkers out of her life. When I was at her house I saw a message on PSN from #1 asking if they were still on for next week, which she conveniently close to ignore b/c "he was a stalker". That was the final point at which I knew it was all over, it was only a matter of time. However, I still wanted my closure, I should have just walked away though, but a part of me was still in love, and would have done anything if she would have ended those "friendships". I started becoming friends again with Alpha, Omega had a big problem with that. Hey, what's good for the goose is good for the gander I say, I started realizing all the screw ups I made in my relationship with Alpha, and she let me know she wanted to still try and make it work.

  4. (part 3)
    In February, I came up to see her again, her mom bought her a 42" HDTV, she texted #2 and #5 about it. The reason I caught on is I thought she was done talking to #2, but I saw a msg from him flash across PSN asking about the 42" TV, he wouldn't have known unless she said something to him. I went through her phone that night and that's how I found out about the text. She blamed it on me that I screwed up by trying to be friends with Alpha again. On the way back she told me that she was trying to be friends with #5 b/c she found out he was a registered sex offender for attempting to have sex with a minor. #5 used to post on these forums, he was on my friends list for almost a year.

    Omega still did her usual damage control though, and got me to believe the lies. I finally confronted #1 when I got back home on PSN Chat, we talked, he told me his side of the story. He called Omega, griped her out, she let me hear the last part of the phone convo on Skype. She told him she didn't want to see anyone right now, that she wanted to be alone. I forced her hand and said have a nice life Omega, I'm going to Alpha. She finally told him it was over between the two of them, and that was that. I confronted #5, he told me she never told them we were dating but that she expressed no interested in him. I let him know that I know the verified truth about him being a sex offender, we haven't talked since.

    A week or so later, Alpha tries to force me to make a decision between her and Omega, that scared me off easily b/c I thought it was a control move so I cut Alpha out of my life entirely. She wasn't happy with the guy she was with, she wanted to be back with me, but I had to make a decision b/c he was moving down in a few weeks and now does live down here. A few days later #2 contacts me. He wants to know the truth. I get dodgy with him, and I talk to Omega, and tell her I'm going to put a stop to this. I'll get rid of Alpha if she'll get rid of #2, and we can finally have a clean slate. I already did, so it was no big deal.

  5. (part 4)
    She agreed to it. She cut him out of her life. I thought everything was cool, but she was still acting strange with me after all that, avoiding talking to me as much, etc. She came down just on Sunday of this week. As soon as she was here, every time I would go to grab a smoke or use the restroom she'd be texting, really secretly. I was on to her. I waited until she was asleep, looked through her phone, her PS3, her computer at her Skype convos, everything was revealed. As soon as the slate was clean she had already moved on to #4 and there were some very explicit convos, things she never said to me, who she had just met who had just become a practice manager in a division of the gaming clan she's in. If you saw this kid's (yes, kid, he's 2 years younger than her) picture and compared it with mine one would probably think what in the world was this girl thinking, and I also had a degree and a career whereas this child is taking some time off from school right now. I found msgs from #6 to her like that she looked sexy while she was asleep, this guy is married and has children, I think that's disgusting. I let him know that I no longer hold any respect any for him, as soon as he read it I was immediately deleted from his friends list. He tried to cover his story to another one of my friends who just called me as I've been writing this. Anyway, so yesterday we fought and fought, I woke her up at 6a and yelled at her to get out of my house. Her aunt happens to live in the same city as me and came to pick her up yesterday evening at 6p, so about 12 hours of nonstop fighting (with a brief pause in the middle for empty breakup sex lol). She told me I finally made her realize the error of her ways, and that she needed some space to work through her problems. I realized later that she's not going to step down from her clan, where she met #4, that she's still lying to him and he's in heavy denial. Whatever, I'm washing my hands of this, I told her that I'm cutting her out of my life. She's a danger to herself and others, she will continue this pattern, she is quite possibly the scariest individual I have ever met in my life, and she will not stop. That is the sad reality. She needed to find someone like me to call her out, but that's really just not enough, she knows what she's doing. She will make no effort to change, not with me, not with anyone.

  6. (part 5)
    People criticize me often for wearing my heart on my sleeve or for being blunt with people. Hey, do what you like. I consider myself a strong person who tries to be honest with people. I'm very self-aware and work towards fixing the things that are problems in my life. I am the polar opposite of Omega, the worst enemy you can ever possibly have is the one that tries to make you believe that they love you when they really don't. I've lost all respect for a few people in this community, but not this community as a whole. I am obviously, as you can see, in absolutely no capacity to continue in the HCV program right now and I've asked to step down, this is my story as to why, but maybe one day when I've had my time to grieve and heal from the damage my nemesis did I can go back to it. Now you know why, now is just not the right time for me, I need to heal, let some others step up to the plate. I can tell you Omega doesn't feel sorry at all for what she did, she'll try and make you think that, but she knows exactly what she's doing every single step of the way. The worst enemy you can every possibly have is the one that's hurting you while they're telling you they loving you and not giving you the love you deserve. #1, #2, and I talked a little after it was all said and done, we're all pretty well on the same page. She's a predator, a man trap, a clever orchestrator, she has no boundaries. I can't help but feel pity and disgust for such a pathetic individual, except that giving her pity is exactly what she wants. She wants you to feel sorry for her, so that she can continue her lies.

    As for dating in Home, nope, never again. The statistical success rate of long distance relationships is extremely low. This experience burned me on that, I hope those of you reading learn something from this. I read someone on another thread before say people in Home have way too many skeletons, yeah... I'll say... I don't think that's everyone though, I think it's really good when two people enter a successful relationship, but I wouldn't hold my breath on that one. LD relationships are tough b/c trust can easily become an issue, especially when you're with someone with whom no trust should be given at all frankly. If you're not confident enough to go out and find someone IRL, don't expect things to suddenly work on an online service especially if it's not local.

  7. god. damn. but yea, i already knew all of this and i'll still keep names on the DL. but the way are are going on about this, Bit, it's like you Want people to find out. making that thread was questionable and you can't tell me you didn't expect it to get locked up/deleted at some point.


  9. Is that why BitRunner's thread was deleted? I only read the first two pages, so I don't really know what was said.

  10. Hell I would have wanted people to know it too if I were him. If he's leaving the HCV I'm sure he wants people to know why, but doesn't want any major repercussions b/c she sounds like a craft chick. Probably just wants to put a warning out there to her to stay away from the people he knows, it looks like she's got a gaming clan she can go and suck in little boys with.

  11. so, who was her?