All my "HOME" purchases are GONE!!!

Another reason to avoid spending money on Home: (Edited for spelling and grammar)
Two days ago it took me an HOUR on the phone to straighten it this out. Apparently my acct got put on hold because I made several single purchases in "PlayStation Home" for myself. PlayStation took it upon themselves to flag my account due to my card possibly being stolen, but not bother to contact me about it. After three days of my account being on hold I spent an hour on the phone i was finally able to to log back in. Today i log in and ALL MY PURCHASES ARE GONE!!! (Two apartments, furniture, outfits and other items) I called them back today about all my stuff being missing and they tell me its not their problem and i have to contact moderators in this FORUM to get my PURCHASED ITEMS BACK. I find this very wrong and annoying.

Will someone please explain this madness and tell me how to get my stuff back?


  1. damn, that's fucked up. i thought a pair of pants i paid for were gone the other day and i almost flipped my shit.

    i would raise so much fucking hell if this ever happened to me.

  2. **Sigh** I absolutely hate customer service for nearly all companies nowadays. They know very little it seems, and read from a list of things that are safe for them to say instead of listening and trying to help customers :(

    And what is it with all these accounts of customer service telling people to talk to the mods of a forum, who have NOTHING to do with Home?!?! If that's really still happening, they need to update their list of phrases to exclude things most people know to be false!

  3. Ouch, as long as you still have all your email receipts you should be fine, just send a LONG email to the tech support guys (including receipts as proof of purchase), sorry I dont have it to give u as I'm not from the SCEA region (thank fuck). Also, if I was you I'd DEMAND compensation for the inconvenience of what is clearly another Sony fuck up. $20 in your wallet maybe?


  4. Everyone get the word out that Home-Watch is THE source of truth about Home.

    I just sent the forums a very quick advertisement:

    Another for use later. I have 32 PSN accounts that I will start using tonight after midnight PST to get the word out on the Home forums.

  5. Hey does anyone else think it is funny how we went from 3.21 to 3.30 firmware so quick. No 3.22, 3.23, etc. They will claim "major update" but the fact is they did it to make it seem like the OtherOS removal was a long time ago.

    I can't wait to join the class action lawsuit. Even if I only get $.15, as long as Sony eats millions I will be happy. Sony criminals.

  6. @carol

    you just won all the cool points.

  7. Thanks Kapow, I'm just trying to help the economy by keeping mods busy. They are going to be paying overtime next week for sure.

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