Written by: Kapow

This week's PS Home update will not be posted here due to the following:

-It's really weak, especially compared to all the Iron Man 2 awesomeness in the EU Home.

-The SoSe article is more important/ awesome then this weeks shitty update (an AC2 personal space? has the Public space even been fixed yet?).

(ok, the update wasn't that bad, I'm just a lazy bastard. get off my back!)


  1. How is the ModNation racers public space weak? Or us finally getting the New Items tab we've been requesting for months?

    Don't feel like celebrating the win for the users, do you?

  2. "Especially compared to......"

    Also, I think it should be a rule to not come out with anything new until the previous stuff is fixed.
    But that's crazy talk I guess...

  3. ... or at least acknowlege AND be working on the broken stuff.
    Love new stuff (when it's free).
    Speaking of which - more important than the "New Items" tab, there should be a "Free Items" tab.

  4. I think the reason they'd rather push out as much crap as they can each week rather then spending time fixing and adding key components is because they want to reinforce the idea of the "eternal beta," know what I mean?
    And That reinforces the whole, "hiding behind the beta tag" thing.

    I swear, one day I'm gunna earn how to read kanji so I can completely use the Japan Home, they seem to have their shit together (they also have a free items tag).

    Heidi Anspaugh likes to film the sexual relations of Jim777 & Locust

  5. Was going to say that am secretly hoping for eternal beta, but cannot since have already made that hope quite public.
    Once (if) Home ever comes out of beta, the Home forums as we know them will basically die out, and, to be 100% honest, LOVE the issues and to follow much of the drama that beta creates.

  6. First off kapow, I agree with pretty much all you have to say, but I cant say I do with regards to the "iron man 2 awesomeness in EU" comment. SCEE in their infinite wisdom have made it damn near impossible to obtain the rather splendid looking Iron man suit by making it another reaper shock pants fiasco, and citing "contractual obligations" as the reason. There are 10 suits available and the top 10 on the board at the end of June will receive the suit to keep. Kudos to SCEE for landing the deal with paramount but come the fuck on, all that is gonna happen is some douche with no life is gonna make multi id's fill the score board up with top scores, claim all the suits at the end of June then pop them on ebay at a ridiculous price. As for the contractual rights excuse SCEE have spat at us, I find that very hard to believe, I'm sure Paramount would want all and sundry running about on home dressed as Iron Man so it makes no sense to me!! I cant even Play the Iron man game as it wont load for me (although friends have told me its utter shit anyway) and nor will the score board (well done sony on more excellent well tested coding).


  7. oh and im getting feedback about the new black waitress costume on EU home which is a paid for item, not appearing in peoples inventories after they have bought them. Seems SCEE are following SCEA's fine example of ripping people off now too. Sony, you cant have it both ways. If you are gonna hide behind the fact Home is a beta for all the fuck ups in home, you cant CHARGE for virtual items that dont function or even appear as your consumers expect them too.


  8. yea, mistake on my part.
    every time i'm mildly excited for an update, it always, Always turns out to be shitty.

    i should have know they would turn even Iron Man into something that sucks.