Since the forum where these codes originally came from seems to be going up and down the last several hours, I've copy and pasted them here:

Visit this page with your PS3 internet browser.
Press the Select button to bookmark the page.
Click / Press X on the item you wish to get in PShome.
When it requests to close the browser, Choose yes, And thats it!
To get more, Just open the PS3 internet browser again and pick the page from your favorites!

Free Items:
Killzone 2 Leg Armor (Killzone 2 Leg Armor)
Killzone 2 Gloves (Killzone 2 Gloves)
Killzone 2 Chest Armor (Killzone 2 Chest Armor)
Killzone 2 Boots (Killzone 2 Boots)
Wild Strawberry Action Figure
Yellow Bear Action Figure
Green Leaf Action Figure
Aviator's Helmet
Dimension Fighter Cap Female
Dimension Fighter Cap Male
Prehistoric Earrings Left (F)
Prehistoric Earrings Right (F)
Nativity Scene
The Tester Cast Shirt Male
The Tester Cast Shirt Female
PSP Go Male
PSP Go Female
Ladies' Fedora Hat

Purchasable Items:
In order from cheapest to most expensive
Black and White Baseball Cap $0.25
White Baseball Cap $0.25
Black Designer Mini Skirt $0.49
White Designer Mini Skirt $0.49
Black Designer Top and Jacket $0.49
Designer Shoes $0.49
White Designer Top and Jacket $0.49
Designer Shoes $0.49
Valkyrie Helmet $0.49
Viking Helm $0.49
Camo Baseball Cap $0.49
Square Diamond Stud Earrings $0.49
Tester Goat Chair $0.49
Men's Hockey Skates $0.49
Raven Mask $0.49
Santa Claus Hat - Male $0.49
Santa Claus Jacket - Male $0.49
Santa Claus Gloves $0.49
Santa Claus Trousers $0.49
Santa Claus Boots $0.49
Snow Man $0.99
Snow Man Mask $0.99
Breast Cancer football jersey Female $2.00
Breast Cancer football jersey Male $2.00
Evolving Aquarium 2.99
Evolving Flower 2.99
Evolving Globe 2.99
Evolving Toys 2.99
Evolving Fortune 2.99
Evolving Chicken 2.99
Evolving Ant Farm 2.99
Evolving Tree 2.99
Evolving Car 2.99
Balrog Alternate Costume Bundle 2.99
Final Fantasy 13 : Sazh Costume Set 4.99
Final Fantasy 13 : Vanille Costume Set 4.99
Final Fantasy 13 : Snow Costume Set 4.99


  1. Don't forget these essential items, not found ANYWHERE else:


  2. hehe, I posted the codes for those items the guy made a website to get them easier in a different method and you cant get banned trust me.

  3. Riot... dude, WTF... the HEIDIMANHANDS only work in fucking Europe!?!

  4. Yea sorry man Europe only :/ but the BUGGIECOSPLAY works in NA Home now thats something worth getting.