Written by: Kapow

Who the fuck are the designers behind Home? Really. I thought I already went through this shit when it was "snowing" in the Central Plaza. WHY are there very strong shadows and WHY is there bright sunlight reflecting off the ground???? I'll give them one thing, at least when you're looking up at the sky it looks like it's supposed to be raining (with dark clouds and what not). But that makes it even worse! Why bother filling up the sky with dark rain clouds, where the sun is literally not visible AT ALL, and still have these strong shadows and bright lighting? And yea, i know, there are shadows even when it's overcast outside, but these shadows are fucking dark, very visible shadows.
Not to mention the rain just looks like someone is holding their thumb over the end of a water hose and spraying it up in the air, where you get these huge drops plopping down onto the earth. And it doesn't even rain throughout the entire CP! If you go near the Yoda fountain, not even down the steps, just near it, and the rain suddenly stops. AND ANOTHER THING! The ambiance...WHAT THE FUCK?! Is all i can think of. Birds are still chirping like it's 4th of fucking July but wait, there's this loud, obnoxious...sound. I don't even know what to call it. Just..well, it sounds like a Really loud heater, like someone just turned the heat or AC on, and it sounds like your ear is right on top of the fucking vent. That's the best I can describe it. Well, no I can do better, how about, FUCKING LOUD ASS, UNNECESSARY, ANNOYING NOISE! Now, some of you might not be able to hear this ear rape that is going on in the CP if your TV's volume is low, but if you turn it up a little, you'll hear it. Hell, even if you leave your volume low, if you listen carefully, you can still hear it. I don't know if they where trying to make it sound like thunder oorr..I don't know. I really don't know. But obviously they couldn't even be bothered to add in a simple rain sound loop. C'MON!
And I won't bother adding in pictures or anything, just go into Home and into the Central Plaza and see and hear for yourself.
That's another thing, the load time for booting into Home. You think it's faster? Well I'm gunna lay some learnin' on you later today.


  1. Don't forget the fact that you can still see a clear sky through invisible avatars.

  2. isn't that buzzing noise from the old make.believe thing? It sounds like it never went away.

  3. I popped into central plaza and thought I was seeing Home through a scratchy, old time film filter. You know what I mean? But then, after being in central plaza for about a minute I froze up for the billionth time...

  4. I agree with J-T-W-NY CP does remind me of one of those old time silent movie screens...Lame.