Complaint day

Nothing warms my hear more, or puts a spring in my step then seeing the Home support forums plastered with complaints. Let's have a look at some.

Great morning.


  1. I never really used to have many problems with Home (as in freezing and errors) but lately it just seems to be getting worse and worse. I consider myself to be a very patient person but some comments from the Home staff...yes ill quote HEIDI ANSPAUGH "we aren't all powerful,we don't have a magic button we can push,these things take time" Well I hate to tell HEIDI ANSPAUGH but these things didn't just happen overnite,they have been happening for the past year (freezing and errors) they are just getting worse. Maybe if they would have put more effort into these problems in the beginning we wouldn't have the anger and frustration we have now.....Heidi Anspaugh

  2. i'd like to quote x-cult about Room for PSP being shit canned:

    "Probably couldn't handle a second embarassing social networking failure"

    although...did they stealth edit that?? i thought it said:
    "[Sony] probably couldn't handle a second embarassing social networking failure" maybe i'm mistaken.

    anyways this has nothing to do with this article, i just though it was funny :)

  3. Where is x-cults post, I couldn't find it, but I'm pretty drunk at the moment.

  4. last time i saw, it was on the second page. it was in Jim777's thread about PSP's Room being shit canned.